Free-For-All Friday 9/22/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

23 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 9/22/17”

    1. We love Mr. Brown of Brown Appliance Sales and Service. I don’t have his number on me, but if you can’t find it I will post when I get home.

  1. I’ve been patiently waiting for Google Fiber but my patience is starting to thin. I’m starting to think it will be 2020 before it actually is offered in Decatur. Anyone have any updates?

      1. Thanks. Google needs to get its act together. AT&T Fiber is going to attract more customers before Google gets going.

    1. I honestly think at this point that Google has abandoned the endeavor entirely and is just trying to quietly slip out the door, hoping no one notices — especially no one wearing one of those accursed shirts they mailed out (of which I was one).

  2. Reader input needed: Decaturish will be hosting a forum with the Decatur City Commission candidates on Monday, Sept. 25, at the Decatur branch of the DeKalb Library, located at 215 Sycamore Street. It starts at 7. The main event will be a Q&A with candidates running for the City Commission District 1/ Post A seat since that is the only contested Decatur race on the ballot this year. We’d love your input as far as what questions you’d like us to ask the candidates. Please send your suggestions to [email protected].

  3. Lanny Adams appliance repair 404-762-9611. This company has repaired our appliances for over 20 years. I always refer them because they are honest, affordable and reasonable.

    1. Second them. I had a problem with a slowly water leak from my ice/water maker in my refrigerator that Lanny Adams Appliance repair worked on several times but it came down to having to replace the freezer door with the ice maker and water in it. When they were able to locate a freezer door for my appliance was 10 years old, the owner himself called me to recommend that for a few hundred more dollars it made better sense to purchase a new refrigerator. He refunded me all my repair costs with his company except the original service call cost. Thought it was incredibly honest and decent of him. I will continue to use this company whenever I need help with my appliances. That type of quality customer care is rare.

  4. The Decatur High School Bulldogs football team plays at home tonight against Grady High. Since this is a break week for the city schools and there has been historically lower fan turnout for these Fall break games, the players would really appreciate the support from the Decatur community at tonight’s game. 7:30 pm start time.

    1. We were there! First DHS game for me despite living in Decatur for 11 years. Brought my two 5-year-old Clairmont students since it was Clairemont spirit night. Team looked great, as did the band (which is where I did my time in HS).

      1. Yeah, the band has always impressed me for a school the size of DHS. I was in a great HS band also, but it was 3 times the size of Decatur’s

        1. Yeah, I went to Pope HS, up in Marietta. We won Bands of America SE regionals my senior year, so we were pretty hardcore. My wife, meanwhile, comes from a long line of drum captains. So it’s likely we’ll be trying to steer these kids toward the band room… 😉

  5. Has anyone thought to close Ponce from Commerce to Church and make it Pedestrian only? Direct the bike path theough that alignment. Route heavy traffic onto Commerce. Allow for delivery trucks. Make a fantastic green, pedestrian bike through yhe City Center.

  6. Decatur Active Living has a short survey relating to Decatur’s petition to be identified as a Bike Friendly Community. Go on over and express your views!

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