Free-For-All Friday 9/15/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the past week.

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  1. There is a tree down on Jefferson Ave in front of my mother-in-law’s house. The tree took down a power line and the cable is about 5ft off the ground.

    Her power is back on – they rewired a different pole.

    Can I assume the old power line, which I can reach out and touch, and need to duck under to get to her house – is 100% safe and “OFF”?

      1. Yeah – that is my assumption for now – but I’d hate for someone to die.

        Is there anyone I can call to ask? Fire Department?

    1. I agree with sansho1. I would assume the opposite and call the power company ASAP.

      The risk of assuming it is 100% safe and “off” then being wrong is too great and you could get hurt very badly.

      It is not worth the risk to be wrong in this scenario.

  2. Despite all the disruptions, closures, and cancellations this week, Fernbank Science Center’s Fall Plant Sale is being held tomorrow. Someone over there quipped that “If Irma took your tree, you can get the replacement here!” but my personal feeling is “too soon.”
    On the other hand, lots of native shrubs and fruits available – – no pawpaws this time, but there are some olives. (I know olives aren’t native, but what a cool thing to grow if they work out!). 8 am to 3 pm.

    1. Yes. Police were chasing a theft suspect, but he was captured. Lock down has been lifted. More details will be released today and I’ll publish them on Decaturish when I get them.

      1. Yep, my middle schooler said there were two lock-downs at Renfroe. Earlier today I was worried the kids would be scared. Then I talked to my son and realized they were unfazed. Which is worse???

  3. 2:00 am delivers in the middle of the City becoming much more common and way too loud. Last night the semi-tractor trailer truck read 85 on decibel reader delivering from 1:45 to 2:30 at Starbucks,

    Two nights ago another truck in front of Fresh to Go/Noodles area delivering at 2:00 and loud radios. These trucks are massive and LOUD – Not Allowed by City Ordinance

    Please City of Decatur Police, control the noise.

      1. As more people live downtown, it is a growing pain to deal with. It is also a consequence of putting high-density residential combined with retail and restaurants. When we first moved to a downtown condo 6 years ago, restaurant grease pits were being emptied (loudly, by vacuum) in the middle of the night. Access to the pits were via manholes in the sidewalk (like outside of Ted’s). Right below people’s bedroom windows, and much louder than permitted by the noise ordinance. Some well-directed conversations apparently solved that without involving the police (I vaguely recall that all the downtown restaurants with grease pits under the sidewalks used the same vendor).

        The noise ordinance disallows excessive noise associated with truck loading and unloading. For example, CVS has deliveries several nights per week at hours like 4am, with a loud rolling slide (noisy metal wheels) to take packages out of the truck. I’ve gotten used to it, but if it really bothers me I will complain to the store first before calling the police. They are more likely to solve the problem long term.

    1. Long, long time ago, lived next to single family house with noisy renters and unreachable owner. In my experience, you cannot expect an easy fix because the owners of noisy properties are constituents as well as the noise victims. You (or even better, an organized group of noise victims) probably need to meet with appropriate city staff to discuss the problem. Noise levels will probably need to be measured and documented. In my case, eventually the noisy renters got tired of the police driving by and documenting the problem so they moved away. My sense is that my complaint would eventually have been resolved but only after patient monitoring and documentation.

      This is an important reminder that Downtown condo living is not always the dream stress-free solution that I fantasize about. Less responsibility for things like constantly growing lawns and falling trees but also less control over the immediate environment, e.g. noise. In New York City, you can try for an upper floor to lessen the noise but we don’t have 20-30 story buildings to choose from. Dang, I want a sound-proof easy-care domicile within walking distance of everything I like, plus great views, at a reasonable price.

        1. Done it! Not fun at all! Paradise is tough to find. Even luxury penthouses in New York City with generators for power outages get German cockroaches and police helicopter noise.

  4. I call d the police last night. They told me is a “catch22” because the large semi tractor trailer trucks cannot deliver in the day time…after some discussion from regrading the noise ordinance the police officer suggested I call the ordinance department at City Hall. I will now do that. Seems to me it is a direct violation of the noise and delivery ordinances

    1. Disappointing that you got that reaction from Public Safety. They can enforce the noise ordinance and should do so when the codes and enforcement staff is not on duty (weekends and before/after the city’s business hours). Plenty of the large trucks make their deliveries outside of the city’s “quiet hours.”

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