Hurricane Irma Open Thread

4:10p: Video of tree down and Clairemont/Scott Blvd intersection closed from Fox5.

4:03p: Report of structure fire in 100 block of Shadowmoor.

3:27p: Check gbkgwyneth’s comments in the comments section of this post for the latest reports of trees down across Decatur.  

3:20p: Just lost power on Nelson Ferry Rd.

3:13p: Outages climbing fast now.  Up to 4,800+ without power in 30030.

3:05p: Reports of trees down on Melrose, the 700 block of Sycamore and at Huron & Champlain.

3:02p: 7 mins later, 3800+ without power in 30030 according to GA Power.

2:55p: GA Power is reporting that currently approx. 3,000 residents in 30030 don’t have power.  Currently the map is showing that much of Oakhurst is without power.

2:32p: Reports of a tree down on a house on Madison Ave.

UPDATE X: Traffic light out at Commerce and West Ponce.

UPDATE IX: After hearing a transformer blow, now hearing reports of a tree down near Oakland and Fairview in Decatur.  Outage map shows over 500 customers in the area now without power.

UPDATE: VIII: Photos on Twitter of a huge tree down in Winnona Park

UPDATE VII: Steve reminds us that you can always check GA Power’s Outage Map if you want to see reported power outages in the Decatur/ATL area.

UPDATE VI: Decaturish has a good summary of incidents around DeKalb County so far today from the weather.

UPDATE V: Southwest has cancelled all flights after 1p today.  Delta has cancelled 800 ATL flights and leaves the door open to cancel more.

UPDATE IV: MARTA will not be running on Monday.

UPDATE III: City offices are closed tomorrow.  Also would assume many businesses will be closed, but we just saw that Little Shop will be closed tomorrow

UPDATE II: Decatur has cancelled trash and recycling pick up for Monday.  Tuesday pick up still TBD.

UPDATE I: City Schools of Decatur have announced they will be closed Monday and Tuesday due to the Hurricane.


Alright Atlanta/Decatur – time to pull together for another big weather event.  Use this thread to discuss any Hurricane related topics.  I’ll try to post updates of relevant news as I have it.

There are a lot of ways to get info these days – unlike the early days of this site – but we’ll try to keep this thread focused on the weather system coming through, so it can serve as a mini one-stop-shop.

If you haven’t read the city’s list of reminders and important #s, make sure you do.

Take all the necessary precautions and be safe, neighbors.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! We were wondering, & didn’t see this on the City’s site. Y’all all be safe out there, and please bring your pets indoors. This weather will be nothing to fool with!

  2. For Atlanta, follow @COA311 which aggregates all city messages. So far they’ve announced pushing track pickup from Monday to Wednesday and how to secure your Herbie Curbie

    1. Revolution Doughnuts was open this morning but was planning to close at 11. Looked like Kavarna was planning to open this morning. Oakhurst Market and U Joint said on Facebook that they’re open today.

  3. Georgia Power map shows pretty good sized outage in Oakhurst roughly south of W Benson between S Candler and Oakview. No restoration estimate right now.

      1. No structure fire. I believe the fire department responded to a tree leaning against a house in the 100 block of Shadowmoor.

    1. Of course, all the surges and outages are causing various fire and security alarms to activate – so our DPD and DFD are racing around the city to ensure that we are all safe. I am thankful for their efforts on this historically tragic day.

  4. Heard another transformer blow on W Ponce. Power went off and on for about 5 minutes in the Parkwoods. Back on for now. Just heard another more distant transformer too.

      1. Thanks. Glen Burns just said that we should see the weather start to improve here after 10pm. Hoping that the worse is behind us.

  5. Seems like there must be dozens of roads blocked in Decatur. It may take us through the week to dig out from this. More trees may fall even after the wind dies down because the ground is saturated.

  6. I’m only happy when it rains
    I feel good when things are goin’ wrong
    I only listen to the sad, sad songs
    I’m only happy when it rains

    “Only Happy when it Rains”


  7. DM- Maybe a new thread for places that are open today (Tuesday)? With no sense of when the power is coming back, might need to spend the day away from the house.

    1. I have it on good authority that Leaping Lizards, Hippo Hop and Catch Air are all closed today, so under no circumstances should you try to be there when they open.

    1. Highland Bakery was closing when I got a coffee there around 10 am. Dancing Goats was open with a line stretching to the front door.

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