Decatur Sends Out Reminders and Important Phone #s In Prep For Hurricane Irma

The City of Decatur sent out this announcement today…

As Hurricane Irma is slated to make its way to the metro Atlanta area early next week, Decatur is preparing residents for potential heavy rains and strong winds that may cause downed trees and loss of power.

Currently, all city buildings are scheduled to be open as normal on Monday and Tuesday.

The city has provided the following reminders to all residents:

Important phone numbers

  • If you see hazardous or unsafe conditions in Decatur that are not life threatening, call the non-emergency number 404-373-6551.
  • If you are in a life-threatening situation, call 911.
  • Power outages or trees on power lines should be reported directly to Georgia Power: 1-888-891-0938.


  • Register now or update your Smart911 profile at You can opt-in for severe weather and other notifications as well as create or update your Smart911 profile with any special medical concerns (such as a household member who uses medical equipment that requires electricity).
  • Make sure you have at least a three-day supply of necessities, including food, water, batteries, medicines and special things like diapers and pet food.
  • If you live in the Northeastern corner of the City please delay setting out your recycling bins until next week if at all possible so that bins don’t blow away or become hazards.
  • If we begin to experience heavy rain, the potential for flooding and downed trees greatly increases. We ask that you please do not park on the street if you have off street parking available, in order to keep the roadways clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Charge all cell phones and put fresh batteries in emergency radios. When contacting loved ones, a text message is more likely to get through than a phone call.
  • Secure patio and lawn furniture.
  • Download the FEMA smartphone app for additional tips and emergency information.
  • And do not forget to be neighborly and take a few minutes to check on the seniors in your neighborhood and bring all pets inside.

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