Truman Tavern On Decatur Square Closes

After opening on Decatur Square next to the Brick Store Pub a little over a year ago, Truman Tavern has announced that it’s closed its doors on Facebook.

We are now permanently closed. Thank you to all of our patrons for showing us so much love.

Sorry to hear. We had a hunch this might be true after we received a note from a reader, who reported that they had”Just walked by Trumans and while there is no sign on the door it looks closed down. The menu is not up on their bulletin board and at 7 pm on a Thursday it is not open.”

Wonder what’s next for the space.

Photo courtesy of Helvetia

2 thoughts on “Truman Tavern On Decatur Square Closes”

  1. Hmm, this seems to be a tough spot for restaurants. I liked both Truman and the previous restaurant there, but my hunch is their price points were a little too high to generate a regular Decatur customer base and compete with the slew of incredible restaurants in the city trying to lure the same type of customer. When you’re competing against 246, Leon’s, Iberian Pig, Cakes & Ale, Pinewood, Parker’s, Cafe Lily and others, it’s going to be an uphill climb no matter what.

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