Check Out Decatur’s First Indoor Pool!

Now you can swim away those winter blues!

Decatur Active Living sent along this pic and press release about the opening of the brand new indoor pool in Oakhurst.

Join Mayor Patti Garrett and City Manager Peggy Merriss on Monday, September 11 at 4pm for the opening of the city’s first indoor pool at the Samuel L. Johnson Boys and Girls Club in Oakhurst. City of Decatur staff, Boys and Girls Club staff, Dynamo Pools and DPR Contractors will be on hand to answer questions.

The pool is a partnership between the Boys and Girls Club, Decatur Active Living and Dynamo Swim. Oakhurst pool is located at 450 East Lake Dr. and the entrance is on the right side of the building.

Beginning September 11 until September 30, lap swim will be available during open hours with the exception of 4 – 6 pm and free swim will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 4 pm. The lap ropes will be removed during free swim time to allow families a place to play.

Pool hours for September are 6 am until 9 pm Monday through Friday, 7 am until 4 pm on Saturdays and noon until 4 pm on Sundays. Programming will begin in October and there will be designated hours for lap swim beginning at that time.

Swim passes will be available at Glenlake Tennis Center. Adult swim passes will be available for the month of September for $30/$60 for non-residents; children swim passes are $20/$40 for non-residents.  Beginning in October, monthly adult passes will be $50/$100 for non-residents; children passes will be $30/ $60 for non-residents.

11 thoughts on “Check Out Decatur’s First Indoor Pool!”

  1. $150/month for a family of 4 is really high. Why wouldn’t you just join the YMCA and get everything else that came along with their membership in addition to indoor swim?

  2. Isn’t the YMCA Decatur’s first indoor pool? And, to Sunflower’s point, a family membership there (which includes the pool) is under $100/month.

  3. Is this pool “brand new” or just redone from the old boys and girls club location? Looks pretty nice but those walls could use a street mural or two.

    1. It is the old Boys & Girls Club pool. Way back in the day when I had a kid doing year-round swim, we had practices there. It was pretty grim then; it looks like it has been spruced up, but yeah, some murals would definitely make it more cheerful.

  4. Congratulations Decatur on your new indoor pool. I can remember twenty or more years ago people yearning for an interior pool and now you have one. Life in Decatur is still great!
    I wonder how long it will be before someone asks, “Why don’t we have a retractable roof indoor pool?” (Insert smiley face)

    1. Why don’t we have a retractable roof indoor pool? (Why don’t we have smiley face emojis in dm?). Yayyyyy, indoor pool!

  5. Kudos to the B&GC for bolstering their community relevance. Hope the revenue generated will allow them to remain and continue to accomplish their core mission, and that they get some signups from those who fought to preserve the dog park at the expense of B&GC’s property rights.

  6. I think the Y family membership is closer to $80 (with the referral system). I started only doing the family membership in the summer to use the outdoor pools with my kids. We don’t use the indoor pools in the Winter much so it’s not worth paying for all of us. Which leads me to ask… where in this area can you pay one fee to visit one time? One that isn’t going to cost more than $10-15 total for three people to enjoy for an hour?

    1. In the summer, you can do one-time fees at City of Decatur and DeKalb County outdoor public pools.

  7. Just a heads up that the Club name is actually Samuel L. Jones Boys & Girls Clubs (vs. Johnson). We’re so happy to partner with City of Decatur on this 🙂

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