Doggy Dogg Plans To Reopen Next Weekend

Let’s make sure we give some love – and foot traffic! – to the businesses along East Howard Avenue that have been affected by the extensive construction in that area over the past many months!

Vicky writes in to report that Doggy Dogg is planning to reopen next weekend after paving of the street is finally completed…

I ran into James Hammerl, the owner of Doggy Dogg on E. Howard across from Kimball House.  He’s planning on reopening the weekend after Labor Day (he’s still waiting for the paving to be finished at the E. Trinity – E. Howard intersection).  He’s had to close down for many months while the street was closed.  I hope we can show this guy some love and stop by and get a hotdog — he’s a super nice guy and definitely the kind of independent quirky business we want in Decatur.

7 thoughts on “Doggy Dogg Plans To Reopen Next Weekend”

  1. One small upside to the lengthy hassle: He’s getting a tree! The new sidewalk out front has a tree well right next to the Doggy Dogg patio which, for anyone who’s ever sat outside there in hot weather, may prove a key upgrade.

  2. Great news. My kids love the hotdogs at Doggy Dogg. He has been sorely missed these past several months. We can’t wait for Doggy Dogg to open again.

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