Free-For-All Friday 8/11/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

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  1. In the Leave a Reply area down on the bottom, it automatically populated another commenter’s (PhoenixBiking) name and email rather than my own. Is this happening to anyone else?

      1. This morning when I first navigated to the site via Firefox. It wasn’t a comment, it was the credentials in the Leave a Reply section. I changed them back to mine and it seems to be working correctly now.

      1. Maybe he/she can do a bit of cleaning up for me. And I’d like to have dinner waiting for me when I get home.

  2. Time to get eyes checked. Can anybody recommend a good place in Decatur for exam and glasses? Downtown Decatur would be a big plus.

  3. Walked by this new restaurant today and saw that they are now open for breakfast and lunch. The menu looks good. Any one been? (It’s in the space where the Greek restaurant had been, by the parking lot behind Parker’s)

    1. Haven’t been, but didn’t know they were open till I saw your post. 🙂 Gonna have to give ’em a try. I’ll give my feedback on DM when I do!

    2. I’ve been for lunch twice, and the chicken sandwiches (of different types) are quite good. I believe the owner is a former Buckhead Life group chef.

  4. Football season is here and it’s time to join the Decatur Bulldog Boosters. DBB is the single support entity for all of Decatur High and Renfroe student-athletes. Last year DBB provided approximately $75,000 to support the athletics programs at Decatur and Renfroe, but we still need your support! Membership levels are not keeping pace with the growing student body. Please check out our link and sign your family up today!

    Thank you to our past and current members.

  5. On the eve of the 17th annual Decatur BBQ Blues & Bluegrass Festival we felt it was important to acquaint you on WHY we will be working tirelessly tomorrow to make sure you have a fantastic time, and why over the last 17 years we have put on this great event.

    From the beginning this events purpose has been as a fundraiser for local Decatur Charities. From sponsoring MLK Service Days, to homeless shelters, music programs, etc..

    What better way to do that we thought so long ago, than to throw a party and listen to some kick ass music, partake in some great food, and drink some cold beer all for a great cause.

    The festival is the Community Center of South Decatur’s largest fundraising event and we try our hardest to make the ticket price worthwhile. We understand people have many decisions to make on where and when to spend there hard earned dollar but for the price of a lunch out you receive a pretty good return on investment in our opinion.

    So if you have already decided to join us tomorrow we can’t wait to see you, if your weekend plans are still TBD, consider coming to the event (we guarantee if you see even one of the eight bands playing its worth the price of admission, if you see all 8 than that’s a $ 1.87 per band cost) and know that your entry fee is going to individuals and groups who truly appreciate it all year long.

    Lastly we hope this post sheds a bit more light on all that activity that was going on today and will be tomorrow in Oakhurst

    Putting on events like this are not easy and they take the time and passion of many people who work long hours – but we like to think the payoff is worth it when we see the great work our grants go to.

    Pre-event tickets are on sale through noon tomorrow, and then day of ticket prices will begin. You can purchase tickets at Freshtix or at the gate as well.

    See you tomorrow!!

  6. What is going on with the Bioswales and sidewalks in front of the high school? It looks like the contractor just walked away.

  7. Dear Rush-Hour Commuters Using Landover Drive As Shortcut From North Decatur To Scott Boulevard,

    How does turning left from a stop sign at a hill onto a busy five-lane US highway worth any amount of time saved, when there is a traffic light *literally* one street over on Superior Avenue?


    Baffled Resident Who Doesn’t Want to See You T-Boned

    1. Agree! Even a right turn is difficult–bordering on unsafe–because of the sight lines and traffic.

      1. Agree with you there after almost getting run over in the crosswalk by a right-turning motorist only looking left.

      1. I think you’re right. Wake sometimes suggests that route, but I ignore it. Waze often suggests the impossible left turn, as if it’s a reasonable option.

      2. I blame Waze/Google. One of it’s biggest flaws is suggesting what I call “impossible left turns” often one block over from a traffic light.

        Twice in the last year it has told me to turn left onto Moreland at 530pm — one block over from a traffic light.

        My favorite recent example, seen on my bike commute two weeks ago: A backup of *5* cars westbound on South Ponce at Ponce and Briarcliff, trying to turn left. That’s not ever going to happen at rush hour for even one car, never mind all of them. Not to mention it is crazy dangerous. And even giving up and trying to turn “right” onto Ponce isn’t exactly safe. One of the latter cars figured it out and pulled a 5-point U-turn …

        1. Not being a Waze user myself, after reading these comments I googled “waze left turns”.
          Sure enough there’s a story from last year that Waze was planning to pilot a tweak–starting in Los Angeles–to stop making stupid / unsafe left turn recommendations, but the Waze user must choose the setting “reduce difficult intersections” in order to activate the feature.
          Not sure if it’s gone beyond LA at this point though.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. GPS sends me that way but a right hand turn isn’t even safe. Superior traffic is crazy since school started.

  8. In light of the events in Charlottesville, has Decatur’s monument to the Confederacy ever come up for conversation? When I moved here nearly 30 years ago from LA, it was the first thing I encountered- and it freaked me out. Today I don’t even notice it.

    1. There was a discussion about the obelisk recently on Decaturish. It was originally placed in front of the courthouse and was relocated several decades ago. The time to move it once again — perhaps to some museum — has long passed.

      Then there is the 1.5 acre Confederate monument owned by the state of Georgia carved at the location of the founding of the second Klan. The final push to completion began the same year the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed.

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