Daren Wang Resigns From Decatur Book Festival

Breaking from the AJC

This year’s AJC Decatur Book Festival will be the last one with founding executive director Daren Wang at the helm.

Wang, whose debut novel, “The Hidden Light of Northern Fires, launches at this year’s festival, has announced his resignation, effective at the end of year.

Sniff.  Aw, dang it.  Cue up some Dylan.

So long, Red Chuck T’s.  It’s been a kickin’ good time.  I would reminisce and bring up all of my favorite Book Fest moments, but Daren never seems to appreciate it when I do. 🙂

OK, I need to pull myself together.  Let’s stop moping around and start pre-ordering Daren’s debut novel!  Or better yet, call up Little Shop and put in your order.

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  1. Almost time to break out the red kicks again. They’re actually not very big, and can be filled quite easily.

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