What’s Your Favorite Taco in Atlanta?

I asked in last week’s FFAF if readers were interested in a return of these “Your Favorite” posts.  The feedback was prettypositive, so let’s get back to it!

Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie.  What’s currently your favorite taco in the Atlanta metro?

Photo of Rreal tacos courtesy of Zagat

23 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Taco in Atlanta?”

  1. The fried avocado taco at RReal Tacos in Midtown! Get it on a day when the avocado is just perfectly crunchy outside…delicious beans. Oh my goodness. And, I actually usually get their meat tacos – but one day all the stars aligned and I ordered the avocado taco and it was divine! I love all their tacos though!

    1. I like TDS’s brisket taco too. The brisket and pulled pork tacos at Raging Burrito are pretty good too and often there’s no wait and the courtyard is a nice place to eat and commune.

  2. Pastor @ Taco El Dorado on Pleasant Hill in Duluth (in front of the Super H Mart). Super authentic. Only $1.75/taco. Worth the drive.

  3. The fried tofu taco & the fried fish taco at Mezcalito’s, Grant Park. Both are always fresh, blazing hot, & crispy-delicious!

  4. Del Rey is my favorite, but I also love the chain Puras Tortas at Plaza Fiesta because the tacos are good, cheap, and there’s a fixins bar with radishes, peppers, and sauce. And when I’m done, there’s Skee Ball.

    The lengua tacos cost a little more, but they are absolutely worth it.

  5. The fish tacos at raging burrito are the best! Also the steak tacos at mezcalitos. The Korean BBQ, the chop chop shrimp and the fish taco at tin lizzy’s.

  6. Reflecting on this subject, I realize my bar for tacos is not very high. “Nearby” is probably my top criterion.

  7. I’ve eaten just about every taco on Buford Hwy. and still think El Taco Veloz is the best value, but hands down the best I’ve had in Atlanta are the short rib tacos at The Establishment, one of the new places in Colony Square.

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