Betty Blondeau Enters Race For District 1 Commissioner Seat

Betty Blondeau’s campaign sent out this announcement this morning…

Decatur native Betty Blondeau announces her candidacy for City of Decatur District 1 Commission seat, to succeed Fred Boykin, who has announced his retirement later this year, after serving in that position for more than 15 years. The election will take place in November.

“As a lifetime Decatur resident, I am committed to the continued good growth of this city where I have my roots,” says Blondeau. “I want the commission to do all it can to assure sustainable, livable development that will set Decatur apart, while preserving the character that says, ‘Decatur’.”

Over the course of her career, Betty has been an integral part of the development and success of the arts across metro Atlanta. In her roles as President of Georgia Citizens for the Arts, and Community Arts Chair of the DeKalb Junior League, she was a regular face around the Capitol in lobbying efforts to keep the arts funded at the state level.  She has served as a panelist for the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, and the State of Georgia, as well as with various arts groups.  Preserving and promoting good growth in Decatur is a natural next step.

Betty now turns her sights on public service for the city in which she lives. She was deeply involved in Good Growth DeKalb and since then has committed to taking an active role in serving Decatur’s citizens. She has experience in zoning and planning issues, serving on DeKalb’s Community Council, and was the leader of the effort to rewrite/update DeKalb’s zoning code. She’s an activist for greenspace in downtown Decatur, and citywide; she co-chaired the Woodland Gardens capital campaign, which raised $1 million to purchase additional space for the garden; and she serves on the Mary Gay House endowment board to maintain and preserve this historic structure.

“My experience on the DeKalb County Zoning Code Update and my involvement with Good Growth DeKalb has allowed me to work with neighborhood groups, developers, and staff to look at issues where creative, collaborative thinking can bring the best solutions for smart growth,” Blondeau commented. “Over and over I hear from the community the need for development that respects neighborhood concerns: traffic concerns that impact us all; a commitment to code enforcement on pedestrian safety and walkability; greenspace in downtown Decatur, as well as in the newly acquired Methodist Children’s Home property; and a stronger tree ordinance, preserving our vital tree canopy.”

“The foundation of my service is listening. I plan to solicit citizen opinions on issues at hand. I want to bring their voices and concerns to the front line, and I will listen and represent them at every turn,” says Blondeau. “I plan to stay in regular communication with my constituency through email and social media platforms, and to be completely transparent. I want their voices heard.”

Decatur’s young families keep this community thriving, and Betty knows the Decatur school system is a major drawing card for influx into the city. “Decatur schools remain at the center of a young family’s decision to choose Decatur as their home.  I know that we must work effectively with the school board to assure that this amazing education system has the resources it needs to continue to provide the best learning environment for our children.”

 Betty looks forward to meeting and listening to her constituents in the coming months and preparing to bring their concerns to the commission table.

 Please join us as Betty kicks off her campaign on August 23 at 5 pm at Woodlands Garden, 932 Scott Blvd.  For more information about Betty and her positions, please visit

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