Butter & Cream Wins AJC’s “Best Ice Cream in Atlanta” Poll

If you find that the Butter & Cream line is a bit longer than usual this week, this could be the reason!

The local Decatur ice cream spot just won the title for the AJC’s “Best Ice Cream in Atlanta”, beating out national chain Jeni’s, – which, incidentally, has multiple locations around Atlanta.

With 53 percent of the votes, it’s fair to say that Butter & Cream Ice Cream in Decatur has Atlanta’s favorite frozen treats and ice cream in town. As a small batch ice cream purveyor, they feature homemade ice cream, sorbet and sweet treats all made from scratch with the freshest of ingredients. Is your mouth watering yet? It should be.

Photo courtesy of Butter & Cream’s Facebook page

9 thoughts on “Butter & Cream Wins AJC’s “Best Ice Cream in Atlanta” Poll”

  1. Booyah!!! Been lovin’ the B&C since the week they opened. EAT IT, Jeni’s! (No pun intended.)

  2. That’s too bad in the sense that the B&C line is always much shorter than Jenni’s. Would hate to see that change b/c B&C definitely is better, IMO. In other words, I hope most people keep standing in (very) long lines at Jenni’s.

    1. The line moves faster at B&C, better ice cream and employees. Those guys at jenis are sooo slow.

  3. Butter and Cream tastes just like the heavenly old-fashioned hand-churned ice cream that my family used to make. The only difference is that we can’t lick the paddles.

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