Decatur Orange Kitten Ready for Adoption

Susan is looking for a permanent home for this cute orange kitten living in Decatur…

Tigger has been posted on Petfinder for weeks but with kitten season in high gear, hasn’t found his future family yet. He started life in an apartment complex parking lot, but is now with a foster family in Decatur. He’s good with dogs and other cats.

One thought on “Decatur Orange Kitten Ready for Adoption”

  1. Looks like this little fellow is still available but there’s no way I’m filling out that adoption form – “Do you expect any major life changes in the next 10 years (marriage, children, moves out of state, etc)? / “Would you agree to an in-home visit with a volunteer before, during or after the adoption is approved?” / “What will you do if you partner with someone that doesn’t like or is allergic to cats?” Jeez.

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