Check Out and Provide Feedback on Concepts To “Transform West Howard Avenue”

Decatur residents have just a few more days – June 30th! – to provide online feedback on the city’s concepts to “Reimagine West Howard Avenue”.  Click here to do so on Open City Hall.  331 of your neighbors have already done so! (as of the time of publication)

Here’s the city’s summary from Open City Hall for your reference…

Studies have been conducted to examine solutions that will transform Howard Avenue into a more lively street, using public art, landscaping, street furniture, lighting, and programming.

8 thoughts on “Check Out and Provide Feedback on Concepts To “Transform West Howard Avenue””

    1. I suspect for “traffic calming.” However, on W Ponce, it just brings out the road rage. Drivers get really aggravated when you stop to make a left turn, so they swerve into the parking spaces marked off with turtle bumps.

  1. Arrow indicates the right turn from Howard over the tracks to College will now be one way. Assuming this means left turns from College to Howard will be next to gas station at the light? The light where most are stopping and then turning right on red to go east? I foresee a real backup here and don’t understand why the one way is part of the plan.

    1. Submit this via the Open City Hall link. As a regular user of that intersection, I don’t think the designers spent enough time there during peak hours to see the clustermess of how cars try to stack. Those specific recommendations need more study and revision before committing.

    2. Improving (or even maintaining) traffic flow is not the objective. See lane reduction on McDonough crossing tracks for example.

  2. Nice renderings. Where are the freakin’ cars? Not everybody can walk or ride a bicycle. They wanna keep seniors in the community, then do everything they can to make it difficult for us to get around.

  3. I love these proposed changes! I’ve seen similar changes implemented in other cities with great results. Can’t wait to walk, bike, and drive on the new Howard!

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