Free-For-All Friday 6/16/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

24 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 6/16/17”

  1. Who else is up for making the RR crossing closings permanent?

    I’ve had about enough of those southsiders dragging Decatur down with their trees and parks, their fancy college, their ball fields, their bee murals, tantalizing donut shops, etc.

    Let’s build that wall and end this madness.

    1. Indeed! Let’s make Decatur Great Again! Get those dang Oakhursters and Winnonites out of our bars and restaurants – I can’t find a seat at the bar on a Friday night, and it’s their fault!

      Though we will need to set up a free trade pact to ensure their delicious beer doesn’t get held up at the Dequator…

    2. A 20% tariff on all that 3 Taverns that makes it’s way north should just about cover the cost.

    3. As a brand new Forrest Hills resident, I wholly continue to support the wall. But it must include a moat. And you’ve got to include Oakhurst and Winona Park. I did my time in the City of Decatur taxation oppression zone, paying for the kids of McMansion dwellers to learn to read and write and throw keggers while their clueless parents were out of town. You can keep it all. K, thx…

        1. We are totally getting swallowed up by Avondale Estates and not City of Decatur. And don’t dare say otherwise and make me use bad words!

    1. From what I’m reading, may actually be the opposite: Will allow Amazon to incentivize people to drive to WF locations to pick up their Amazon orders. So it’s reasonable to assume they’ll create a version of Prime that retains home delivery but is more expensive, and then have another tier where stuff goes to a WF near you (using their internal supply chain) and you pick up for a lower cost.

      1. I like the Amazon store in Tech Square. The sometimes-same-day Prime shipping and free returns make it quite useful. It would be a lot less useful if I did not work nearby. Hopefully they will roll this out to WF.

  2. Please don’t forget about Lawrence’s! Good food, reasonable prices, and nice people, yet it’s never full. Ask for the homemade hot sauce. Their food is far superior to a certain downtown Decatur chain restaurant.

    Note – I have no affiliation with them, but I want to keep a solid, locally-owned local business around.

    1. Ditto. For all those prone to complaining about chains, or hoity-toity precious new establishments, or whatever, I encourage you to drop by regularly for solid, consistent, and wholly unpretentious Lebanese fare. C’mon!

      1. Agreed, I would love to see this place stay open but I worry when I’m there and I’m one of only one or two customers. Great food at great prices.

  3. Recommendations for a reputable place to sell a gold and diamond tennis bracelet? I’ve already tried the local Decatur jewelers.

    1. I just sold a ring on, couldn’t have been easier. Don’t know if I got the absolute best price for it, but since most jewelry is worth a lot less at resale and I didn’t have to deal with strangers, I was happy.

  4. Great fun at the beach party but why do we have to have Decatur police cars idling with no one in them right next to the sand box? Gas may be cheap but…..really?

  5. I believe that police cars must be kept running because of their electronic equipment, computers, cameras, etc.

  6. May be too late to get a reply, but does anyone know if you can return DHS graduation gowns to the school for reuse? Any other options for these things besides throwing them out?

    1. hi, we have three now. They are considered a disposable. If you’d like them for Halloween let me know.

    2. Starting next year, Agnes Scott will be ordering recyclable gowns made from recycled plastic bottles. They are cheaper than the traditional gowns and can go in your recycling. Somebody tell CSD!

  7. Anyone know why East Lake Ave is blocked off from 2nd to 3rd Avenues? I tried to peek from my car and I didn’t see a tree down.

    1. Wires still down blocking two streets after large tree fell last week. Also took out a pole. Partial repairs made to restore utilities but still work to be done. Fortunately no injuries nor main house damages.

  8. Fellow Decaturites,

    Could you please call Kathie Gannon, our Dekalb Co Commissioner, and complain about lack of water for 2 weeks at Dekalb Tennis Center? Or the Dekalb CEO? Trying to get some noise about the problem.

    No ice, no water in the hot summer, no showers, no way to wash your hands, etc. It’s embarrassing to host other tennis teams from functioning counties like Fulton and Cobb. There’s some sort of broken pipe.

    Thanks, all!

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