Report: Costco at North DeKalb Mall Greenlit

Let the anticipation begin to build again!

Decaturish is reporting that a “well-placed source” has said that Costco has greenlit a new store at North DeKalb Mall, with current plans to open in 2020.

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Photo courtesy of Next Stop Decatur

10 thoughts on “Report: Costco at North DeKalb Mall Greenlit”

  1. Makes me happy, too! With two Sam’s Clubs closer than any Costco I still end up driving to Perimeter or Brookhaven to hit up Costco. Only wish they’d start work today. Hope it happens.

  2. My wife and I literally did a happy dance last night when this news came across the wire. Regardless of your feelings about Costco itself (we happen to love it and the thought of no longer having to drive to Perimeter, Brookhaven or Cumberland is intoxicating), moving into North Dekalb will really save/transform that whole complex and bring a lot of other exciting stuff with it. My only apprehension is that it will almost assuredly drive upgrades to the movie theater, meaning we’ll no longer have the cheapest first-run theater in Atlanta. But a small price to pay. 😉

    Another nice thing about having a Costco in our ‘hood is that each store tends to customize some percentage of its inventory to specifically serve its area. For instance, we try to stop at the Duluth Costco whenever we’re up there, as they stock a lot of asian items to serve the large Korean community up there. So it stands to reason that we’ll see stock just slightly more appealing to Decatur folks than the other locations.

    1. So what would be the Decatur-specific Costco items you mention? Subarus are out, dealership is a block away. Comfy shoes, maybe? Local Brews definitely. What else? green egg grills?

  3. I didn’t think about the movie theater possibly raising prices over this. I could see that happen. I don’t know why they charge prices so much cheaper (location, yeah), but it definitely allows us to see things as a family, especially in the daytime. If they jack up prices we would go much less. Too easy to enjoy movies at home these days.

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