Hampton Inn Construction To Begin

The latest Decatur Focus announces that the new hotel on Clairemont is on its way…

Downtown Decatur is getting another hotel. Anyone who has tried to book a room recently at the Decatur Marriott Courtyard knows how frequently it is full. Decatur’s proximity to downtown Atlanta, Emory and CDC, easy access to the Atlanta airport on MARTA and the ability to walk to a number of local retail and restaurant options continue to attract a growing number of visitors to our city.

The new 132-room Hampton Inn and Suites will allow Decatur to host more medium-size conferences at the city-owned conference center. The conference center has enough meeting space but there aren’t enough available hotel rooms to allow it to be used to its full capacity. Building permits for the new hotel have been approved and construction should begin this month.

City arborist Kay Evanovich worked closely with the hotel owner to arrange to have 17 trees relocated from the hotel site to Glenlake Park. Next time you visit the park, look for the new grove of trees located in the upper area of the park near the soccer field.

12 thoughts on “Hampton Inn Construction To Begin”

  1. Great news on the trees, too. That site’s been banked for “future development” since the 80s. Very grateful to the owners who opted to landscape it and make it available for community use all those years rather than leave it barren and/or fenced off. It was a significant contribution that deserves recognition.

  2. So the boutique hotel didn’t work out? Okay by me. Not sure that older relatives would have done well with boutique thing.

    1. There were 55 rooms on the 5th floor when I stayed there this weekend. No rooms on the 1st floor, so my guess is 55×4= 220.

  3. Anyone know if they’re going to have some streetfront retail? I know Taiyo would welcome it — that section of Clairemont is getting closer to vibrancy each year.

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