Photos: Flags & Flowers at Decatur Cemetery for Memorial Day

Chris sent along a few photos from this year’s placement of flowers and flags on graves for Memorial Day.

And here’s a poem to commemorate the day, courtesy of The Poetry Foundation

Memorial Day
It is easily forgotten, year to
year, exactly where the plot is,
though the place is entirely familiar—
a willow tree by a curving roadway
sweeping black asphalt with tender leaves;
damp grass strewn with flower boxes,
canvas chairs, darkskinned old ladies
circling in draped black crepe family stones,
fingers cramped red at the knuckles, discolored
nails, fresh soil for new plants, old rosaries;
such fingers kneading the damp earth gently down
on new roots, black humus caught in grey hair
brushed back, and the single waterfaucet,
birdlike upon its grey pipe stem,
a stream opening at its foot.
We know the stories that are told,
by starts and stops, by bent men at strange joy
regarding the precise enactments of their own
gesturing. And among the women there will be
a naming of families, a counting off, an ordering.
The morning may be brilliant; the season
is one of brilliances—sunlight through
the fountained willow behind us, its splayed
shadow spreading westward, our shadows westward,
irregular across damp grass, the close-set stones.
It may be that since our walk there is faltering,
moving in careful steps around snow-on-the-mountain,
bluebells and zebragrass toward that place
between the willow and the waterfaucet, the way
is lost, that we have no practiced step there,
and walking, our own sway and balance, fails us.
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One thought on “Photos: Flags & Flowers at Decatur Cemetery for Memorial Day”

  1. Thanks Nick,
    I would like to thank everyone who participated in the City of Decatur Memorial Day Weekend “Flags and Flowers” event honoring those “Boys Of Decatur” who gave their lives while serving in our armed forces. This would not have been possible without the help of a small group of volunteers that placed flags and flowers on 54 graves and memorials in the Decatur Cemetery prior to Memorial Day. Following the Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony, ten volunteers collected the flags and flowers despite the unpredictable weather. A special thank you to Deanne Thomas, a City of Decatur homeowner, who volunteered all three days. Ms. Thomas has been a big supporter of Flags and Flowers over the years and deserves special recognition.
    The City of Decatur Memorial Day Weekend “Flags and Flowers” would not have taken place this year without the support of these sponsors. Eric Schulman and Ilene Zeff, City of Decatur homeowners and businesspeople, have donated both money and time to make sure this tradition continues. Eric and Ilene are also big supporters of Decatur High School baseball and the “Mighty DHS Marching Band”. Another contributing City of Decatur homeowner and businessman is Ryan Garrett of Kellor WillIams Realty. I’ve worked with Ryan on many real estate projects and trust him to do things right. Larry Herrick and Son Electrical Contractors don’t live in Decatur but whenever I’ve asked for support, Larry responds, “Just tell me what you need”. When I describe Larry and his crew as “Master Electricians”, I mean it. Larry is also a proud veteran of the Vietnam War. Humberto Rosales and Herberto Lopez are construction contractors that I work with everyday. I trust them and they do a great job. Solis Hardwood Flooring does outstanding work at a great price. Solis refinished the floors at my house on the Old Dirt Road and at my new house in Tucker. Temo Plumbing Services will save you money on your next plumbing emergency or project. Even though we disagree politically, we always find a way to laugh about the funny things we deal with everyday. Temo is a fine man and father of three beautiful children. Keith Lang of Prestige Bathroom Refinishing, is a veteran who served in the Gulf War as a pilot. He is the same perfectionist when it comes to refinishing bathroom tubs and tile as he was saving lives during the Gulf War. Please keep these contractors in mind for future projects. Their names and numbers are listed below.
    Finally I hope you will consider taking over the “Flags and Flowers” service next year. It is such an easy service and the benefits, oh my goodness! You will not believe how fulfilling this service to the City of Decatur and the “Boys” is. It will change your life. It changed mine.
    I would like to close by repeating a line from the remembrance ceremony. I hope it inspires you to get involved next year. It is now up to you:
    “To the families of all those who died while in the service of our country, may you find peace knowing that the City of Decatur will never forget your loss and may you rest in peace”.

    Eric Schulman and Ilene Zeff, Delta Properties
    [email protected]
    Larry Herrick and Son Electrical- 4048615277
    Ryan Garrett, Kellor Williams Realty
    4042753103. [email protected]
    Humberto Rosales Construction
    [email protected]
    Heriberto Lopez Construction
    [email protected]
    Solis Hardwood Flooring
    Temo Plumbing
    [email protected]
    Keith Lang, Prestige Bathroom Resurfacing
    [email protected]

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