Double Dragon Planning To Open in 2 Weeks

Double Dragon Oakhurst Chinese – which is taking over the old Saba space in downtown Oakhurst – just posted on Facebook

Good Afternoon Oakhurst!  I have great news. We are just 2 weeks away from opening Double Dragon Oakhurst. The interior is looking good and we’ve tirelessly tested the menu but there is still much to do including building a great staff.

We are actively hiring servers, bartenders, hosts, dishwashers and line cooks right now. If it’s one thing we’ve already learned from our friends and neighbors at Steinbeck’s and U Joint is that successful Oakhurst businesses employ a lot of folks that live in the community and/or care about the community. Employing that “where everyone knows your name” kind of service, I’m asking that if you live in the local community and have any experience waiting tables, tending bar, working in a kitchen or even hosting; email me at [email protected] Full time, part time, weekends only, we need it all. We start training next week.

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8 thoughts on “Double Dragon Planning To Open in 2 Weeks”

  1. Good timing for this post considering the news about Big Boss Chinese. Excited for this place to open!

  2. Awesome. Is there any information on the menu? Will it be American “Chinese” food, or will it be a specific Chinese cuisine? Pyng Ho’s “secret” Chinese menu would be tough to beat outside of the Buford Highway, but I would love for somewhere in town to try!

    1. I can’t speak for the owners but in some previous articles I’ve seen suggestions that Double Dragon will be an homage to the Americanized Chinese restaurants of the 80s, with presumably all the not-so-traditional menu choices that would suggest.

      1. Yes, that, but with the caveat that they’ll be attempting to source ingredients locally and, one would suspect, providing slightly more refined versions of said retro offerings.

    2. Secret menu?! Why am I just hearing about this now? (oh, right, that’s what secret means)

      Need more info please!

    1. Bub. Our restaurant group is called Korean Wives Hospitality Group. My chef partner and I are both Chinese American and met through our Korean American Wives who are childhood friends. Thus the email address/website. Consider it a homage to our brides…. oh and Scott is right on. Looking forward to serving all of y’all.

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