Kevin Gillespie’s “Communion” Becoming “Communion Cantina”

According to a blurb in Creative Loafing…

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Kevin Gillespie is opening a Mexican-inspired cantina. Communion Cantina opens on Fri., May 5 behind Decatur’s Revival (129 Church St.), serving tacos, margaritas and West Coast and Mexican beer options.

A blurb on the Communition Cantina website reads…

Communion Cantina is an outdoor gathering spot for imbibing and socializing in the backyard of chef Kevin Gillespie’s Decatur restaurant, Revival. Perfect for enjoying laid-back afternoon revelry, Communion Cantina serves beer and cocktails as well as a small menu of Mexican food truck snacks.

Casual entertainment such as cornhole and other games is also provided free of charge, and reservations are not needed.

Photo courtesy of Communion Cantina website

10 thoughts on “Kevin Gillespie’s “Communion” Becoming “Communion Cantina””

  1. I like how they make it seem like it was always their plan each year to completely scrap their previous idea for something else. Other than the lovely setting, the beer garden was pretty awful. But it was a sight better than Revival, which is not worth it on almost every level (the Toasted Old Fashioned is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had…but that’s the only thing nice I’ll say).

    Also, the irony that the ghost of El Tesoro will live on in the back yard of Revival is rich. El Tesoro was one of the best restaurants Decatur has had, and I do miss it so.

    Anyway, best of luck to these guys. Last thing I want to see is yet another failure in this spot.

    1. You had my ear right up until the fond remembrance of El Tesoro. After one good meal there shortly after it opened, I had nothing but horrible experiences at that establishment, including three of the worst meals I’ve ever had at a restaurant in my life. So I shed no tears when they blew town.

      Revival has its issues (price point chief among them), certainly, but IME they serve a quality product. I certainly would give them the nod over El Tesoro, but again, that ain’t saying much. I’ve yet to experience the beer garden component, but the new version sounds like an improvement over the German concept.

      1. There were two El Tesoro restaurants. The first one was great. The second one was essentially not the same restaurant but I don’t know what happened. Someone said that the son of the first owner/manager took over.

        It was a pretty good, not great, seafood place for awhile. I forget the name. But the best incarnation was when it was Jake’s. I will forever have fond memories of my kids running around funky, kid-friendly Jake’s.

  2. I like this idea of reinventing the space at intervals. Adds some excitement. Looking forward to trying it out.

  3. Sounds fun. What they also need is a better, more welcoming sign for Communion, as well as a more welcoming entrance.

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