Free-For-All Friday 4/14/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

14 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 4/14/17”

    1. The smoke was pretty dense last evening, and I smell it this morning too. It’s not the first time recently that there has been unexplained smoke (which tends to fill up my house), and I’ve speculated that it could be from a backyard fire pit. With the up-and-down terrain, smoke from a fire pit in a backyard can easily drift up to a higher street level and into homes.

    2. I hear there was a fire yesterday under some railroad tracks near Cheshire Bridge — could be that.

    3. I was on the southside past the airport this morning and the air was very smoky there as well. It looked smoggy like LA. I hope it’s not a major fire somewhere!

  1. How do you help a homeless person who appears to be mentally ill? I don’t want to call the police because I want to help, not get the person into trouble. I don’t have any psychological training myself, so I doubt I’d be much help. I’m worried about them being on the street and possibly getting into an altercation with strangers (this person tends to yell at passersby, although I’ve always been treated kindly).

    1. If this is about the lady on DeKalb Indust. by the Big Kroger, I’d say there’s not a lot you’re going to be able to do. People have been asking these questions on her behalf for probably close to a decade. She’s still there, presumably because she wants to be there. At this point, I’ve resigned to just leaving her be. If you’re asking on behalf of someone else I commend you and look forward to thoughtful responses.

      1. No, it’s not her. This is in Atlanta, I probably should have specified . This person is a bit less stable, I think, so I’m concerned.

        1. If it’s the guy catty-corner from the Fulton County courthouse, the police know about him. There’s a station on that block, and I’ve seen them keep an eye on him. It is unnerving, but I’ve never seen him advance on anyone (I’m there daily). He just yells about whatever he sees, I guess, and bangs on the occasional sign.

  2. Cats! I’m not sure why but we have MANY more cats in and thru our yard this year. Please consider keeping your cat indoors. Coyotes, cars, and dogs should be reason enough but add to that the decimating effect they have on the songbird population and there are really no good reason for them to be out.
    I notified owners thinking they were lost at first but clearly that’s not the case.
    And yes, we have an indoor cat.

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