Check Out Decatur’s New Brewpub: Oak Brewpub in Oakhurst

Oak Brewpub is now open at 630 East Lake Drive in the former Mulligan’s space in the Family Dollar strip in Oakhurst.

Decaturish reports that while the pub’s own brews aren’t available yet, they’re serving a craft beer and cocktail selection and is currently open Tuesday thru Saturday from 4p-10p.

Oak was called one of the most anticipated Atlanta breweries in a Jan ’16  Atlanta Magazine article.

Photo courtesy of Scott

7 thoughts on “Check Out Decatur’s New Brewpub: Oak Brewpub in Oakhurst”

  1. Not every place needs to be for me, and I wish them every success. Still, considering how long I’ve anticipated their opening (esp. since I’m within easy walking distance most weekends), when the words “foie gras Cuban sandwich” were uttered in my presence the other day, my heart sank just a little. I’ll wait until they have their own beer offerings and check it out then.

  2. The food is definitely a bit highfalutin, but it is REALLY delicious. I highly recommend it.

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