Apartment Plans Submitted for Part of Former DeVry Campus

Decaturish reported back on March 1st that Enfold Properties has submitted plans to build 101 apartments on a piece of the land that was formerly the DeVry Campus along North Arcadia Avenue at Winn Way.

The plans call for a mix of 75% one-bedroom and 25% two-bedroom apartments, according to the site.

The plan doesn’t need to go before the City Commission because it reportedly fits within the current zoning of the site – mixed use transit subarea.  However, the plans have yet to be finalized by the city’s development office, and no permits have been issued as of yet, according to City Planning Director Amanda Threadgill.  So it’s still a bit of a way off!

The DeVry property was annexed into the city limits back in 2009 with plans of a large mixed use development. However, those plans never materialized and the property is now prodeomently used as a Veteran’s Affairs Clinic.

Photo courtesy of Google Streetview

2 thoughts on “Apartment Plans Submitted for Part of Former DeVry Campus”

  1. They cut down the large briar patch to make a big parking lot behind the Dekalb Farmer’s Market~ which I now no longer frequent~ as well as having years to plan yet still need to cut down trees on Commerce, might as well go for the full disgrace & cut the trees down at the old Devry.

    Developers, government officials, businesses, nudge activists, you all have no shame. A pox on all of you.

    1. Interesting that the folks who were so anti-WM never said a word about the landscape or lack thereof at YDFM.

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