N. McDonough Rail Crossing Rebuild Is Finally Underway

You’re Your teenage children were probably still in diapers when talk began about redesigning and rebuilding the N. McDonough rail intersection.

From Mayor Garrett’s recent email blast…

…work has begun on reconstruction of the North McDonough railroad crossing. Parts of the PATH Foundation’s Stone Mountain Trail have been demolished and will be replaced temporarily with compacted gravel during construction. The larger project, which includes rail crossings at both McDonough and Candler, will significantly improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, further encouraging those who live in Winnona Park, the McDonough-Adams-Kings Highway community, and other neighborhoods south of the CSX rail corridor to walk and bike into downtown Decatur.

More details can be found on the Decatur Extreme Makeover website.

14 thoughts on “N. McDonough Rail Crossing Rebuild Is Finally Underway”

  1. How many projects can occur at the 2 RR intersections at one time? POOR PLANNING!!! Somebody STOP IT!!!!

      1. Uh…the issue is not improving infrastructure, the issue is fixing it in a way that doesn’t lock down Decatur which only has a few arteries. Especially the few arteries going from the north side to the south side. It probably doesn’t impact you, so it’s easy to be dismissive.

        1. There are five routes to cross the railroad within the city limits. This affects one of them. When this project is done, one other will be affected.

  2. I wish the city would publish a graphic showing how the intersections will look once they are completed instead of engineering schematics. The schematics are helpful but confusing as well.

    1. I agree. The lanes are going to be as they are now, with only a single lane crossing the tracks Southbound. The other southbound lane will remain right turn only on Howard.

  3. It’s a shame they didn’t have the funds to make a grade separation with the intersection (RR vs Street). That would be a huge safety improvement.

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