Traffic Accidents Make For Messy Commute Around Decatur This Morning

Hit terrible traffic around the COD this morning?

There were at least two traffic accidents that we could confirm on major roads in Decatur this morning.  One on East College at Commerce – captured above by the WSB traffic copter and confirmed by DPD on Twitter – and another on Scott Boulevard that caused some Westchester elementary students to be late to class this morning (no major injuries were reported in the Scott Boulevard incident).

An eyewitness reported that traffic thru Winnona Park this morning was very heavy, as cars were being diverted through the neighborhood to avoid the East College accident.

How was your morning commute?  Drive safe out there everyone!

10 thoughts on “Traffic Accidents Make For Messy Commute Around Decatur This Morning”

  1. From my understanding, College is officially a road that is maintained by the State. How does one go about petitioning to get left-hand turn arrows, for turning on to Commerce?

    1. i agree, that intersection needs a left turn arrow going north! It is impossible to turn left and it is a fairly blind turn with the curve in Commerce north of the tracks. The city needs to figure out what to do or there will be more accidents with the ever increasing volume of traffic.

  2. Does anyone know what happened with the College Ave. accident this morning? I got stuck in that traffic, but when we passed the scene of the accident it looked pretty gnarly. Hope no one was seriously injured. An SUV was on it’s side and pretty smashed up–looked like it might have hit the RR underpass concrete embankment and flipped.

    1. Before. Check the time stamp on the tweet above. Must have been cleared by the time you got through.

      1. I drove through at 7:20 – police had just started blocking roads, and a fireman was lying on the road speaking to the driver of the flipped car (who was still in the car). What that photo doesn’t show is the amount of damage to the front of the trailing car – wonder if the trailing car hit the flipped car before or after the flip.

        1. I came through right around 735 and was backed up all the way My Parent’s Basement. I still don’t know how the vehicles wound up in their situation but hope everyone winds up being okay.

  3. Any news on this? I am curious to know what happened. My daughters went past it on their way to school (I don’t know how they got through–I had to detour through WP) and they said it looked like maybe a truck was towing a car and another car was also involved.

    1. From DPD…

      Vehicle #1, a blue Chevrolet Malibu, was traveling eastbound on East College Avenue at Commerce Drive. Vehicle #2, a silver Nissan pathfinder, was traveling westbound on East College Avenue at Commerce Drive. Vehicle #1 failed to yield while turning left and struck Vehicle #2 causing Vehicle #2 to overturn on it’s driver side. Both vehicles sustained extensive damage. Both drivers were also injured. Driver #1 was transported to an area hospital for a broken leg. Driver #2 was transported to an area hospital for neck and back injuries. The driver of vehicle #1 was cited for failure to yield while turning left.

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