Free-For-All Friday 1/6/16

Feel free to use this post to make comments or ask questions about local issues (*cough*.…snoooow!….*cough*) not yet discussed here over the past week.

Rock salt! Sledding! Subarus!


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  1. Has anyone tried the coffee place on Clairmont Road just above the VA? It’s in the building that was once Athens Pizza Express, Kitchen, and Siobhan.

    1. Golden Drops Cafe. I’ve been twice – excellent coffee & lots of authentic Latin American treats. Friendly & knowledgeable staff. Nice alternative to Starbucks!

    2. As the only female in the house, I have to say that coffee is not what I think of when I see the words “Golden Drops.”

      Also, the last time I drove by there they had one of those giant inflatable flapping things like you see at used car lots.

    3. It’s a lovely place. Lots of easy parking and places to sit and work. Close to Emory. I’d love to see it succeed. There has been a lot of turnover in that spot in recent years.

  2. Highland Bakery in Decatur: it’s nice for eating in but I hear that the baked goods and bread selection are much greater at the other location(s). I would frequent it a lot more as a bakery (vs. cafe) if the selection was more complete. You can ask for a loaf of bread but that’s not the same as having a selection of breads in the display.

    1. Good to chat with you again, AHID! I have the exact same issue with HB. I’m longing for the simple rolls that are so popular with butter and jam. When I asked about them there, I was told that they would bring them in if requested.

      I’m told that the Decatur location doesn’t have a stove on hand, thus transferring (not enough!) goods from the Atlanta location.

        1. to clarify, they have a stove for cooking orders, just not a baking oven. HB in Decatur feels very different from the original in ATL.

      1. They told me that they needed another display case before they could carry a lot of bakery goods to sell.

        1. When I was a Bluffton boy we had a standing order with Planter’s Mercantile to provide Gottlieb’s Bakery’s sweet rolls and a Sunday New York Times.

    2. I am also disappointed in our Highland Bakery. I was so looking forward to the same selection and atmosphere as the original in O4W. I have no desire to return.

      1. O4W location is is a refurbished warehouse with loads of space and character. The Decatur location is new high-rent construction with every square inch accounted for and sterile. No wonder. :/

    3. Quite happy with the Decatur shop. We’re there for coffee and / or breakfast almost every day. No complaints. (And yes, I have been to the O4W location as well.)

  3. I am looking for the best home WiFi that is available in Decatur. Would like to stay away from Comcast. Any ideas since Google Fiber seems to be not an option in the near future?

    1. We moved to AT&T Internet 1000 (was Gigapower) when they instituted a data cap. It was cheaper to upgrade from DSL than buy more data. It has been outstanding. We clock 850mps up and down off the router.

    1. NOAA is still predicting 3-5 in for 30030. I’m hope they’re right! Even though it’ll fall on a Saturday, I want a snow day!

    2. Just checked the weather channel app and it said 1-3 inches of ice and snow. Hoping it’s snow rather than ice.

  4. Okay, need a recommendation fellow DMers. I’ve been going to the same barber at Great Clips in downtown Decatur for years. Sadly, Alice is no longer there. The rest of the crew is okay, but perhaps it’s time to re-think my haircuts. Does anyone have a barber they love in Decatur?

    1. I’ve started going to Maxim, conveniently located right in downtown. I’ve only been three times–saw a guy named Stephen twice and I can’t remember the name of the guy I saw my third visit–but I’ve been very happy with the results every time. They validate parking at the garage next door.

    2. I used Alice too! I was very sorry to hear she left. The owner/manager with the chair behind the register does a good job recognizing the needs of someone on whose head hair has begun to grow everywhere besides where you’d like. It’s been hit-and-miss otherwise.

      1. My friend is co-owner of Reunion but even if that weren’t the case I’d still very highly recommend it. It is more expensive than a Great Clips but you’ll get very personalized attention and you’ll never feel like you’ve been rushed.

    3. I’ve been pleased with Emory Haircutters in the shopping center next to the Amoco (across from Publix). Mark (the owner) is the best, but he has a good crew supporting him as well.

    4. I take my boys to Mark at Emory Haircutters. It’s in that little shopping center across Clairemont from the Publix, where Liontamer Bread is also located. He does a great job and is reasonably priced.

    5. Our family has been going to Grow for many years now for all of our haircutting needs. Both my wife and I have been longtime clients of Kris (and now we take our two 4 y.o. boys to him as well), but I’ve also used several other stylists there and was never disappointed.

  5. Sad to see a lot of large graffiti written in our nice new concrete sidewalk at the corner of Coventry and Scott. I guess I’m not surprised since it was left unguarded.

      1. It’s a large heart drawn in the wet cement with “Cindy” written in the middle of it. Various other initials appear around it.

        1. I guess my reaction is that it could be worse. I thought it was pretty standard for wet cement to get handprints or “John loves Cindy” type graffiti. I know my grandmother’s 1920s era sidewalks had some.

      1. Since it couldn’t possibly have been because of the weather yet, I’ll bet it was because they feared the onslaught of middle and high school students streaming their way after being let out an hour early!

  6. So how is it out there on the roads in City of Decatur? It looks like nothing from my windows.

    1. Just took a walk through Winnona Park and down S Columbia. A little frosting but no ice to be seen. Actually quite serene.

  7. On Friday we were sad to be heading to New York (where no snow was forecast) when there was 2-4 inches forecast for Atlanta. Then five inches fell on us up here, and Atlanta got skunked. Haven’t seen predictions this wildly innacurate since November.

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