Decatur Schools Closing An Hour Early on Friday Due To SNOW Forecast

Yeah, you know about this already.  SNOWPOCOLYPSE!  (Get ready…FFAF on a snow day is always the best!)

From CSD’s Facebook page

Weather update from City Schools of Decatur- Due to forecasts of inclement weather, City Schools of Decatur will begin dismissal one hour early on Friday, January 6, 2017. College Heights ECLC and the Frasier Center will close at 3:00 pm on Friday, January 6. ALL after school programs are canceled for Friday, January 6, including, Animal Crackers, Whiz Kids and Project R.E.A.L. Extracurricular and athletic activities are canceled for Friday, January 6, Saturday, January 7, and Sunday, January 8. District administration will continue to work with state and local officials to monitor the weather and provide updates if forecasts change.

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14 thoughts on “Decatur Schools Closing An Hour Early on Friday Due To SNOW Forecast”

  1. Embarrassing I know but what does FFAF mean? I’d take some guesses but all of my thoughts are a bit tawdry. In any case, we will be doing our best snow dance!
    +1 At Home in Decatur!

  2. FFAF means Free for all Friday. It’s where there is an open thread and anyone can post about anything.
    And I’ve secretly bought a sled for the kids. I’m worried that if I told them, it wouldn’t snow!

  3. I got 3 phone calls and 7 emails about the early dismissal. I guess CSD has learned from its past communication problems!

      1. Phone calls are per family; I got one at each of my three numbers.

        Two emails from HS for 2 students, 2 emails from FAVE for 1 student, 1 email from Fave teacher, 1 email from the campus portal which is per family, 1 email from CSD Central.

        It seemed like a lot. But I’m grateful!

  4. Just imagine the conversation this morning;
    Admin: “Dr Dude, we need to dismiss early due to impending snow storm”
    Dr Dude (came from many years in Iowa): “WHAT?”

  5. National Weather reported storm & Gov deal called a state of emergency.
    I had 2 children in CSD over the last 20 yrs.
    I got up @ 5 to listen or read the bottom of screen for closings!!
    We never closed early. 90% of parents worked/or stayed home so announcement’s were not needed.
    Also looking outside or watching TV the night before worked fine.
    Middle/HS children could walk/bus home if necessary.
    Technology is great but seems extreme in this case but so was early release. Yes I believe it necessary when governor & media arə hyped about flakes & freezing rain.
    You can always call or pickup your child after lunch without penalty!!
    Happy New Year

    1. We used to listen to the radio for closings and let out a cheer if we heard our school’s name announced. Those were the days my friends!

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