Man Walked Into Marlay This Morning; Allegedly Took From Register


From Decatur PD…

On Monday, November 7, 2016 at approximately 10:42 am, Decatur Police responded to The Marlay in the 400 block of West Ponce de Leon Avenue in reference to theft of money from a cash register.  The complainant reported the business was not yet open but the door was unlocked for deliveries and for employees to enter.  The area where the cash register was located was unoccupied for a brief period and an employee noticed an unknown man behind the counter and called out to him and the unknown man left the business on foot traveling  eastbound on West Ponce de Leon Avenue. It was then discovered that $290.00 was missing from the register and surveillance video confirmed the unknown man seen by an employee took the money from the register.  The suspect was described as a black male, 30’s-40’s, approximately 5’8, medium build but with a noticeable belly, medium complexion, with a mustache and full beard, wearing a black skull cap, black zip-up hooded jacket, light green shirt and blue/black/gray camouflage pants.

Marlay House owner Darren Comer also wrote in and sent a photo/video of the suspect entering the Marlay…

This fine gentleman decided to come into the Marlay around 10.40am today – the time change is not updated on the video.  The Front door was open (for a delivery) and the front area was unoccupied as the Front of House crew was in the back prepping for the day.  We normally lock it until open but failed on this occasion.
He took the opportunity to come behind the bar and raid the Bartender till of cash.  Our Chef came out, found him and chased him away.  It all happened in about 60 seconds or less.
Decatur PD were right on it but he was long gone when they came.  Our videos have all the internal detail of the act so there is no question of any false accusations here.  Police have the files also.
The video shows that he came from the Farm Burger / Chai Pani lot and had likely been scoping them out for a similar opportunity.
No harm to remind all of us these types of thieves are out there and to keep a keen eye out, doors locked.

Photo and video courtesy of Marlay security camera