2016 Decatur Crime Stats: Property Crime Down; Robberies Up


The latest Decatur crime stats through September, provided by the Decatur Police Department, show that crime overall is down vs. last year, though there has been an increase in certain crimes against people so far this year.

So far in 2016, total crimes committed in the city have been lower each month vs. the same month in 2015.  This is due mainly to declines in larceny, burglaries, and motor vehicle thefts.  Other crimes are basically inline with last year’s level, with the large exception of the murder of Gerald Wilson at the Allen Wilson Apartments in July (there were no homicides in Decatur in 2015) and an increase in robberies.  There have already been more robberies in 2016 than in all of 2015.

Though news and word-of-mouth reports of crime in Decatur are probably more prevalent in the present day than ever, a more macro look shows that Decatur’s overall crime rate remains around some its lowest levels in the past 20 years.  However, crime levels have seemed to have crept up a bit from the low of 691 total crimes in 2011.  (You can check out an Annual Crime Stats bar chart 1996-2013 HERE.)