14 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. You walk in, look around and comment, “I’ll be back”. Then ram through the front doors – terminator-style…begging for a blizzard. OK so maybe that’s a bad idea… How about parking across the street over past Kimball House and walking over? Or…bike, carpool or Uber or rickshaw with 4 of your best friends who remember what it was like in, “Old Decatur”. Don’t forget to marvel at the train passing by….

  2. in the evenings I’m quite sure people will be parking in the lot of the dry cleaners across the street.

  3. Likely already covered elsewhere, but… Why did they remove the tree in the island next to Kimbel House? Also, what is going across the street from DQ?

  4. Just discovered that our other nearest DQ on Lawrenceville Hwy has just closed for renovations. What’s up with that? One opens and another one closes?

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