Learn About the DeKalb County Courthouse on the 100 Year Anniversary of Its Fire


Did you know that the Old DeKalb County Courthouse that sits at the center of Decatur is the FIFTH such courthouse to reside on that spot?

Next Tuesday, September 20th’s talk – given by DeKalb History Center staff members Fred Mobley and Jenny Goldemund – will focus on the fire at the fourth DeKalb County Courthouse that took place 100 years ago.

According to details for the event, the talk will focus on the fire, but will also “include background information on Decatur’s square and why the courthouse is located here…the history and architecture of the 1898 courthouse” and a discussion of the fifth courthouse, which still stands today.

Photo caption: Scott Candler used this image of the burning courthouse on a 1941 New Years’ Eve postcard expressing his appreciation for the community’s support.


2 thoughts on “Learn About the DeKalb County Courthouse on the 100 Year Anniversary of Its Fire”

  1. Thanks Nick and DHC. I’ve always wondered about two aspects of the fire. Did the central dome/clock tower collapse during the fire or was it so badly damaged that it had to be removed? Was anything saved from this part of the courthouse and if so, where is it?
    Looking forward to the event.

  2. Back to the pic. I’ve seen this image before but just now noticing the image to the left of one of the bike kids. It looks like a monument of a person on a pedistal. If so, that monument is not part of the courthouse grounds today.
    Is it just me and the bourbon or does anyone else see this?

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