Decatur Box Project Announces Full List of Artist Participants; More Decorated Signal Boxes On the Way

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From Andrea at the Decatur Box Project…

The Decatur Box Project, organized by Larry Holland of Fishbone Art, is entering Phase Two! More than thirty applicants hoped for the opportunity to express themselves by embellishing traffic signal boxes located throughout the city.

Adam Crawford has already completed his box of tigers at the corner of East Ponce de Leon Avenue and Ponce de Leon Place, next to Tzatiki’s (photo above). Austin Blue’s box is in progress at the corner of Commerce Drive and East Ponce de Leon Avenue, and Donna Howells is close to finishing her reading themed box near the library.

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Congratulations to all of the Decatur Box Project participants:
Adam Crawford
Adam Toksoz
Alex Santos
Amanda Morris
Austin Blue
Dan Flores
Donna Howells
Gerry “Madness” Gorman
Joe Dreher
Johnny Draco
Julie Fordham
Killamari Yo
Kyle Griffith
Larry Holland
Lauren Pallotta
Laurence Laufer
Nick Madden
Nick Morris
Pam Schuttysignal box2
Ray Geier
Sanithna Phansavanh
Sara Ngyuen
Many thanks to our community supporters: Decatur Downtown Development Authority, Decatur Tourism Board, Decatur Arts Alliance, Brick Store Pub, Thinking Man Tavern, Kimball House, Corner Pub, Twain’s, and all of the generous contributors to our crowdfunding campaign.

Keep your eyes open for some new, fun public art coming to downtown Decatur in the next few weeks. They will be popping up everywhere. Thank you, Larry, for coordinating another project that makes Decatur a leading public art destination!


13 thoughts on “Decatur Box Project Announces Full List of Artist Participants; More Decorated Signal Boxes On the Way”

  1. I really like people like Larry. Too busy making Decatur better to spend much time talking about how bad it is. He and his posse deserve some major props. Though they may never see it. Too preoccupied with the doing and whatnot.

    1. Totally agree Scott. You can definitely count me among the, “Larry Likers”. These artists and their works are inspirational. I am still allowed to kouch-kvetch sometimes though!

        1. Yeah, guess you don’t really do kvetch. That’s why we love you. Thanks for being such a positive voice. My detractors on the other hand…

  2. What a stellar idea. And the amazing thing is that this stellar idea was actually implemented. How great to have a city government that is receptive. You may not agree with them all the time, but they do listen and are not afraid to try new ideas.

    1. I’m not sure that they actually listened to Larry. And even if they did, I doubt they understood more than every other wuhd of that Baston ack-cent!

  3. We had fun speaking with the artist of the scuba box in front of Ted’s- so amazing to watch her transform the ugly box with paint and a pic on her phone from a prior cave dive as guidance. Beautiful. Thanks to all organizers, artists and city officials that helped make this happen!

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