Porchfest Monday: Band Registration Closes at 180; 12 Porches Still Needed

That’s a wrap, folks. Sort of. Band registration for the Oakhurst Porchfest is now closed, making for 180 — 180! — performances to be scheduled for our big day, October 8.

But therein lies the rub. Because as of this morning, we’re still 12 porches short. So porch host registration will remain open until we fill the gap.

Can the DM Nation (Oakhurst branch) help us do it?

Here’s the pitch: Porch hosts are assigned just one, one-hour performance. The festival overall runs six hours this year, leaving every host a remaining five hours to still get out and enjoy the day — bands, neighbors, whatever! It’s literally a way to give without actually giving anything up!

Won’t you please help? Join all the awesome porches below in hosting. Do it today!

Map 08-22-16