Cookin’ Up a Storm Opens Today Along West Ponce


According to a sign on their window yesterday, Cookin’ Up a Storm, the new prepared meals and sandwich shop out of Jackson MS, will open its doors to the public today at 10a.

It’s opening up in the old Sawicki’s space along West Ponce next to Decatur Bikes.

10 thoughts on “Cookin’ Up a Storm Opens Today Along West Ponce”

  1. With a baby due any day now and home cooking about to go on a bit of a hiatus, the timing of this opening a block away seems ordained by the gods. Bless you. You’ll be seeing us soon.

    1. Good luck! If I’m remembering correctly, you are already a pro at this. So you know to get all the help you need. The mantra for the first 4 months post-partum should be “Spend now, save for college later”. In case any of your family reads DM: remember that it’s not the new baby that needs the most attention, it’s the mother that birthed and nurses the new baby!

      Don’t forget that Instacart delivers groceries and CVS has parking lot pick-up so you don’t have to take the baby out of the carseat.

      1. Yep. Twin 4-year-old boys, eagerly awaiting a little sister to act as tiebreaker.

        And you don’t have to remind me to have the mama’s back. That’s been my job for quite some time now. 😉

        1. Three kids. Well, there goes the man-on-man coverage. You’re now into zone defense territory.

          And congratulations. Hope all goes well with mom and baby on the big day.

  2. Are they to blame for last night’s storms that brought a trembling dog and 3rd grader into our bed?

    I kindly ask them to start cooking up a cool autumn day, as that is what we all want in August!

    1. Yes, those were quite the storms last night. There was an electric almost sci-fi feel to the air.

  3. Went today for a bite of lunch. The sandwich was tasty but it took a little while to make. Looking forward to crawfish pasta for dinner!! Very, very nice owner and lots of yummy looking choices. Hope they do well here!

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