Decatur Launches Website To Help Residents Keep Up With Construction Projects

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Check out the city’s new website,, to keep up-to-date on all the construction around the city for the next year and a half.  Here’s the release…

The City of Decatur has launched a new website and communications program — dubbed “Extreme Makeover: Downtown Decatur Edition” — to keep residents informed and moving throughout an upcoming period of potentially disruptive construction projects.

“It’s a fairly unique situation,” said Deputy City Manager Hugh Saxon, “one requiring a unique response.”

Between streetscape overhauls, infrastructure repair, safety enhancements, and development projects, there’s a lot planned or in the works for the city’s downtown over the next 12 to 18 months. And much of it involves overlapping timelines, which amplifies the potential for inconvenience.

Officials hope better, more accessible information will give residents the tools they need to plan ahead and work their way around any disruptions.

From now until the list of planned projects is complete, the website will serve as the hub of a larger program to keep residents informed — offering timely, ongoing status updates, email and social media alerts, and overviews in the city’s Focus newsletter.

Included are opportunities to:

  • + Review a map of projects in various stages of implementation.
  • + Read the latest status updates for what to expect, and what to avoid.
  • + Sign up for email alerts issued whenever new circumstances arise.
  • + Follow the city on Facebook and Twitter.

Residents are invited to visit the site and join the email list at or via the city’s website at

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