4 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. Thanks Nick. There was a time when getting up a ladder 35-45 feet was quite a thrill but those days are over. Notice that the painter is on one foot, stretching to cover an area beyond normal reach. Guessing that he’s up around thirty feet.
    There’s something to admire about a man working at this height. There was a time when Decatur Men were expected to do things like this, paint houses, clean gutters, trim trees but now, decatur dudes are much more likely to hire someone else to climb the ladder. Too bad. There’s much to experience from 35 feet.
    Did I ever post something about cleaning a gutter on Norris Street when a cute girl named Melinia called out, “You sexy gutter cleaning American!”
    I found out later that she returned to New York City to marry some real estate guy. Just as well but I sometimes wonder what happened to her?

  2. Sorry DM readers. There was a time when I wouldn’t have used “There was time…” twice in a post but as you can read, those days are over.
    Maybe I need some writin’ lessons from Dr. Cassell or that “World Famous” intermission gal at Decaturish.

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