Check Out All of Decatur’s Newly Painted Signal Boxes

Since we posted a pic of one of Decatur’s newly painted signal boxes last week, we’ve received more pics of the other painted boxes around the city.  Check them all out below!

signal box trinity

North McDonough @ Trinity (photo courtesy of Al)

signal boxes

North McDonough @ Trinity (pic courtesy of Gwyneth)

signal box courthouse

Ponce @ Clairemont (pic and art! courtesy of Larry Holland)


Ponce @ Church Street (pic courtesy of Gwyneth)

6 thoughts on “Check Out All of Decatur’s Newly Painted Signal Boxes”

  1. I enjoy these. What are the creatures on the painted box that is in the top two photos? I see a jellyfish, a fish, and a cat with scuba gear, right? What are the other two creatures? One looks like a sea anemone with a badger tail and a cat face. And the other looks like an octopus with a cat mask on.

    1. I think they are all “cat” fish. Cat jelly fish, cat puffer fish, cat octopus.

  2. Love, love, love these! Nothing like a bit of whimsy in our day to day lives! Keep it up! 🙂

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