Remember Those Who Died For Our Country at Decatur Cemetery This Weekend

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If you would like to help place flags and/or flowers on the graves or memorials in the Decatur Cemetery for those who were killed while serving in the military as part of your Memorial Day Weekend activities, please contact Chris Billingsley at [email protected]. You can also show up for any of the following:

Thursday, May 26, 6:00 P.M. Place Flags On Graves- Meet at the Veteran’s Rock in the new cemetery (enter Church Street gate).
Sunday, May 29, 6:00 P.M. Place Flowers On Graves- Meet at same location described above, Veteran’s Rock.
Monday, May 30, 5:00 P.M.- Brief Remembrance Ceremony. Afterwards we will pick up all flags and flowers from graves.

3 thoughts on “Remember Those Who Died For Our Country at Decatur Cemetery This Weekend”

  1. Thanks for what you do Chris. Such a nice gesture for those who fought for our freedom.

  2. Thanks Nick. With all the activities planned for Memorial Day weekend, it’s easy to forget that the original purpose of the holiday was to remember those Americans who died in the service of our country. Many of the more than fifty soldiers who will be honored this weekend were graduates or students from Decatur High School. Robert W. Springfield was one of these “Boys of Decatur”.
    One of the most satisfying aspects of organizing these activities is that I occasionally hear from relatives of those being honored this weekend. Last year, I mentioned in a post that the grave of Robert Springfield, a pilot who was killed on a training flight in New Mexico and later buried in the City of Decatur cemetery, could not be found. Six months ago, I heard from Springfield’s great nephew who read my post on Decatur Metro and described where Springfield was buried. He sent me pictures of Springfield and other crew members including this account from Bobby Lee Silliman who edits the Carlsbad Airfield Facebook page, “I know a lady in her nineties who served at C.A.A.F as a WAC during WW2 ( she lives in Youngstown Ohio ), and she tells me that she recalls that horrible accident and how a hush fell over the air base out of respect for all who perished in it”. Springfield’s gravesite is located near many of his DHS classmates who were killed while serving during World War II. Yesterday an American flag was placed nearby and a rose will be added on Sunday evening to honor his sacrifice and memory (Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to receive a picture of Second Lieutenant Robert Springfield).
    This is just one of the stories that helps to explain the reason for Memorial Day. God Bless America and Our Heroes.

  3. Thanks Chris. Appreciate the Springfield story as a reminder of those we are honoring this holiday.
    Good work.

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