Decatur’s Signal Boxes Get Makeover


Gwyneth points out that the unattractive signal boxes around Decatur are looking a lot more spiffy recently.  And she provided this lovely photo!

The Decatur Arts Alliance’s Angie Macon tells us that thanks go out to Larry Holland and his team of artists for making downtown Decatur a little less boring.

If you come across other revitalized signal boxes around Decatur, please send in photos!

So cool!  Thanks Larry!

20 thoughts on “Decatur’s Signal Boxes Get Makeover”

  1. How nice! I always enjoyed the Pete The Cat one outside Java Monkey and was super bummed when they undid it.

      1. Ooh! They could paint them gold and put a big plastic diamond on them to make them look like engagement rings for your car. So instead of being annoyed about getting booted, you can be excited that your car met someone special.
        Nobody wants to booted, but who wouldn’t want their car to get engaged?
        Of course… it ends up being an abusive relationship and you have to give the groom half your stuff to free your car from his control…

      1. It’s a reference to a couple years ago (maybe longer?) where there was “discussion” about what constitutes art. I think it may have started when the big murals were painted on some walls downtown. So every time a post like this goes up, someone has to resurrect the “is it art?” meme.

  2. From now on I will only be using the crosswalks in more family friendly intersections. Please stop glorifying art.

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