Check Out This Great Video Report of Mead Road Mardi Gras

If you didn’t attend the Mead Road Mardi Gras Parade, be sure to check out this video report from David Naugle.

If you DID attend, you should also watch it, because it’s GREAT!

Of course, Decaturish had some great photos from the event as well. You can check those out HERE.

15 thoughts on “Check Out This Great Video Report of Mead Road Mardi Gras”

  1. That was wonderful! Thank you for capturing that, David!

    I do wish that our CSD schools would fix that horribly grammatically incorrect community song and teach our kids proper grammar — it’s WE who build community (not US, as the song says — what, are we cave men? Us build community?! That drives me nuts!)

    1. Hmmm. I’m new to the song but what I heard was “It’s us, it’s us, it’s us that builds community” (repeated many times). I’m not sure that “It’s we, it’s we, it’s we that builds community” is correct either.

      1. My gut says you need to go with either “It’s us that builds community” or “It’s we who build community.”

        1. I agree. I think we are dealing with adjective dependent clauses and some kind of agreement but, in the end, I’d go with how it sounds. We lost something when they stopped teaching how to parse sentences in elementary school.

          1. Well, I don’t know about others’ ears, but “it’s us who builds community” sounds horribly wrong (because it is wrong). So if you’re going to go by how it sounds, the only way it sounds right is the correct usage, which would be “it’s we who build community.”

        2. Scott, saying “it’s us who builds community” still doesn’t have correct subject-verb agreement. Would you say independently “us builds?” I don’t think you would, as you’re not a caveman. Even “us build” doesn’t work. The only correct way to say it is “it’s we who build community” because the breakdown is “we build,” which is correct.

          1. My alternate was “It’s us *that* builds community.” Not suggesting it’s correct or not. Just that it feels smoother to me than using “who” if they’re gonna insist on using “us” rather than “we.”

      2. It should be “It’s we, it’s we, it’s we WHO build community.” It should not be US and it should not be BUILDS. It’s just wrong. What are we teaching our kids by perpetuating this?!

        1. I live by The Elements of Style. But it applies to prose, not song lyrics. o/o/ It’s we, it’s we, it’s we o/o/ sounds really weird to me. Actually, right now the whole line has become an earworm so I can’t judge. Can we move on to the IB song? Does it still exist? There was something off with it too but I was always afraid to criticize it lest I appear against global community.

    2. Probably just a misguided extension of the formally incorrect but informally widely accepted and commonly used “It’s me” as one might say when calling a friend, “Hey. It’s me.”

      If the lyrics are ever revised, I hope they go with “We, we, we build community!” (stretching out “we” as needed to fit). Chant-like eight beats and offers a nice internal rhyme of “we” and “community,” stressing the “tee” sound at the end.

  2. I know a family in which the two of the three members who ate food there got some kind of gastrointestinal illness the next day. I was thinking that it could have been due to other common meals as well. But if many other families were affected at the same time and all the ill persons ate the same food…..maybe.

    1. We know some folks who had the same thing happen, but in every case, not everyone in any one family got sick even though all parties at the same food. I ate a little of everything and was not sick. It’s entirely possible that there’s a virus going around the schools, since most of us (at least those I know who were affected) are in contact with kids who attend the Decatur schools and could all have been exposed to the same bug and brought it home. It’s hard to say.

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