Decatur Looking For Artist To Paint MARTA Overpass Mural


Back in September 2015, you may recall that Decatur won a $15,000 Atlanta Regional Commission grant to paint a mural on the Trinity Avenue MARTA overpass next to the Beacon Hill complex.  In December, the city held a community kick-off meeting to get input on the mural.

Now the city is looking for an artist to make this project a reality.

The Decatur Arts Alliance is requesting qualifications from artists who are interested in creating the mural.  The project will pay the artist $7,500 for their work.

If interested, there is LOTS more info on the project HERE.

Photos courtesy of Decatur Arts Alliance

3 thoughts on “Decatur Looking For Artist To Paint MARTA Overpass Mural”

    1. I saw another report that indicated the fee was dictated by the terms of the grant. So I’m guessing it dictated the other half as well. Maybe split between the community engagement meeting(s), etc., and the materials?

      Don’t know that for fact, though.

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