Oakhurst Porchfest is Today!

porchfest map hardcopy

Oakhurst Porchfest is finally here! Georgia Music says it “may be the most diverse music fest in the state”, so why don’t you come and find out for yourself?!

You can get all the details from the Oakhurst Porchfest website, but let’s quickly recap all the pertinent details.

All other details are likely covered in this extensive Porchfest FAQ.

See you all there!

3 thoughts on “Oakhurst Porchfest is Today!”

  1. This is a great idea, and it’s awesome the way people have responded so strongly to it during its first year. I’m looking forward to strolling around the neighborhood and taking in the music this afternoon. And it looks like it will be perfect weather for strolling around too.

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