Oakhurst Porchfest Open Thread!

oakhurst porchfest

Oakhurst Porchfest is upon us!  In just two days and a few hours, the streets of Oakhurst should be filled with music and conversation.

We’re already seeing hints of neighbors making the inaugural event their own.  (Oakhurst Porchfest coozies anyone?)  But what specifically do porch hosts, musicians and neighbors have planned?

Neighbors and musicians: utilize the free real estate in this post to advertise what you’ll have going on at Porchfest on Sunday!

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  1. Look for me and the Wild Heaven welcome wagon rolling around dispensing free samples of some fine fall beer. I’ll be pouring our Autumn Defense seasonal, free of charge. Hope to see many of you!

  2. Yay, free advertising!

    I hope y’all will come by 235 West Hill Street at 5pm. I’m in a duo called I am a Rocketship, and we’ll be possibly the LEAST acoustic, LEAST organic act in Porchfest.

    Imagine a bit of Cardigans, a bit of Phantogram, a bit of Curve, a bit of Massive Attack. Sultry female vocals, fuzzed-out guitars and electronic grooves behind poppy melodies.



    Have a great Porchfest, everyone!

    1. Feel free to bring any good books you are willing to share in the Little Free Library at 235 W Hill. We will also have an extra-not-on-the-official-lineup-list performance by Oakhurst violin teacher Shelley Satonin at 4 pm.

  3. Shameless plug for the Oakhurst Community Choir — we’ll be channeling our inner Glee Club with our cover of Don’t Stop Believin’ (as well as singing a couple other classic pop favorites)!

    We’ll be performing in the 2-3pm slot at 128 Greenwood Place. 🙂 Hope to see you there.

  4. We’ll have a pony keg tapped for our 4:00 session and a home two doors down is setting up a bake sale. Head to W Pharr for the 4:00 show of Tom Hill and the Laid Back Gypsy Souls!

  5. I need one of those Harry Potter time turner thingies so I can be in multiple places at once! I really don’t know how I’m going to choose between all the fantastic performances. I’m so excited! (This is assuming that I am ambulatory and semi-functional after the beer festival, of course!) Happy, happy Friday, y’all! What a great weekend to be in Decatur!

  6. Van Helton Plays Oakhurst Porchfest!

    Oakhurst Porchfest organizers scored a major coup when the legendary and elusive band Van Helton added the event to their ongoing World Tour. This may be your one and only chance to see the band play live (an experience you’re sure to tell your grandchildren about), so, please mark your calendars for:

    Van Helton — 4 pm at 224 Kings Hwy

    The band’s performances can best be described as incendiary. In fact, it’s rumored that there was some concern among the Porchfest management team that audience members’ faces might actually be melted off by the sheer power of the Van Helton experience. However, we can definitely assure you that you have nothing to worry about.**

    Hope to see you on Sunday.



    ** Van Helton does not guarantee a total lack of face meltage.

    1. I saw Van Helton back in ‘83, and they were amazing! It may be purely coincidental, but around that same time I noticed a slightly melty sensation on the left side of my face. Weird…

    2. V Helt used to be great, but now they’re total corporate sell-outs. I remember when it was a big deal to ride my fixie down and pick up their latest on vinyl. But, now? There’s not enough beard oil and mustache wax in the world to get me to listen to them.

  7. Though programs/maps are available at multiple locations, the good folks at Wahoo! Wine + Provisions will give you a 10% discount on whatever bottle you choose if you stop in and get yours there.

  8. 1704 Oakview will have The Carolina Stomp playing from 5-6. We’re the most SW of the Oakhurst porches.

    My 7 year old son will be taking donations for lemonade & brownies with all proceeds going to Lifeline Animal Project & No Kid Hungry Georgia. We’ll also have some sort of IPA-ish keg (donations for that also going to the charities, but 7 year old will not be pouring — too much head).

  9. N. 4th Ave, the little dead end off of Oakview, will be hosting The Dammages, A shake of country, a pinch of blues smothered in Rock n Roll, from 3-4pm.

    Daisy Troop 16191 will be hosting a bake sale/lemonade stand on N. 4th from 3-4pm and on Lenore St from 2-3pm to raise money for Amplify Decatur. http://www.AmplifyDecatur.org Help the Daisies earn their Caring and Compassion petal!

    N. 4th Ave will also have a keg and is asking for donations for Amplify Decatur.

    N. 4th will also have Porchfest beer koozies!! Come get your free koozies!

    1. Thank you so much for plugging the gig. We are looking forward to playing on your beautiful porch and enjoying some pulled pork sandwiches!

  10. Come on by 302 East Lake Drive from 5-6. -Molly Jennings is playing our porch. She plays catchy acoustic pop covers (Think Bad Blood, Riptide, I’m Yours, Take Your Time) Your kids will be singing along at top volume. (You’ll be accidentally humming. 😉
    Top off your travelers at our pony keg and enjoy a mini-cupcake to help celebrate our Daisy’s 5th birthday! (We’ll be accepting donations for Winship, if you feel so inclined 🙂
    It’s going to be a beautiful weekend and we’d love to see all y’all!

  11. For the socially inclined, get it on with #oakhurstporchfest and tag us at:

    Instagram and Facebook: @oakhurstporchfest
    Twitter: @decaturarts

    Flood my feed!

  12. Join us at 5:00 for the Pretend Sweethearts (http://www.pretendsweethearts.com), “mystical hobo folk music,” in the courtyard at Oakhurst Baptist, 222 East Lake (corner of 3rd, the first time these two streets intersect, near the Marta station). Festival goers are welcome to use the restrooms in the church building from 4 to 6, whether they attend our concert or not.

  13. ‘We were standing on the edge of the precipice of greatness. A small gust of wind could of pushed over the edge. But instead, we just fell apart.’ Those are the final words of the Van Helton VH1 Behind the Music doc that never aired. And ne’er have truer words been spoken. They were this close ‘ ‘. And they threw it all away.
    It wasn’t drugs. Or women. It wasn’t the stardom. Some say it was the spandex just being too dang tight. Something about constricting the creative juices in the nether regions. I know the reality. The truth is out there. And it’s this: you can’t fit this much talent on a single stage. There’s not a recording booth on the planet big enough to house the sheer magnitude of the genius of each of the founding members. They were born to rock. That’s all these dudes know.
    So, when I heard they were reuniting, my chin hit the floor. (So hard, in fact, that I broke a crown.) The Pixies. The rumors of a Husker Du reunion. Pavement on tour? None of that artsy crowd, college radio schlock for me, man. Rock shouldn’t make you think. Rock should blow your mind and melt your face off. That’s not hyperbole, either.
    So, if you want to keep your face intact, stay home. Sit on your sofa. Nibble veggies from your CSA. Listen to NPR and do the sunday times crossword. You’re not ready for this kind of show. This show is for real fans of real rock.
    If you’re truly worried about your precious little face and the possibility of any long-lasting scars, a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 50 is recommended. But don’t let the dudes seeing you put it on. They WILL call you out.
    I’ll be there but my face will be just fine. Why? My head will be banging so hard the sound waves won’t be able to catch me.

    1. That was beautiful man.

      It’s fans like you that make all of it (the long nights, the cramped tour buses, the constant exposure to communicable diseases) worth while. We’ll see you at the show….

  14. Hey y’all! My friend Sinan and I (Spoons) are playing on the porch of the lovely Paula Edwards at 312 Kings Hwy from 5-6pm! We’ll be doing some great bluegrass covers, like The Avett Brothers, John Prine, Amy Winehouse, The Lumineers, and more!! Come hang, have a few brews and enjoy the music!!

  15. Join `The Teardown’ at 416 Second Ave., from 3-4 pm. We’re a lo-fi trio doing acoustic covers, ostensibly with the goal of making them sadder than the original. We’re also in the larger (and decidedly more upbeat) `Winnona Park Community Circle Band’ at 222 Mead Rd., from 4-5 pm.

    1. Not unless they are electric cars. However, you can attend Porchfest as the guardian of cute toddlers, who are allowed under any circumstances.

  16. Check out The Owls jazz band (http://www.owlsjazz.com) from 5-6 at 315 Mead Rd., just up the street from Harmony Park — where the Black Sheep Ensemble cap off the day’s festivities right after we wrap up. Our eclectic repertoire includes tunes by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Pee Wee Ellis, Chuck Berry, and lots more!

  17. Are any roads going to be blocked off for the event? What is the bathroom situation? Port-o-lets?

    1. No streets will be formally closed. It’s up to the emergence of impenetrable crowds to do that.

      Restrooms are being handled a variety of ways. All locations are indicated on the map.

  18. Porchfest Commemorative Posters are available while supplies last! You can see what they look like if you go to Porchfest Facebook page $5 each. Garden flags for host porches are still available as well $25.

    Posters are great souvenir item to have the bands sign.
    Pick up 808 third avenue. Stop by Sunday as well to pick up!
    [email protected]

  19. I was hoping to see that someone had convinced Steeleye Span to perform. I missed their last performance in Atlanta and thought, if anyone could pull this off, it would be the Oakhurst Porchfest folks. Oh well, I still have my records.
    On a slightly different topic, congratulations to the Oakhurst community for pulling off what appears to be the happening event of the Big ATL this weekend. Even DHS Homecoming, a fifty year Decatur tradition, doesn’t have the same DM buzz. And the Beer Fest folks should find their way over for another good time. Good Job Oakhurst!
    Just one more thing (“Oh Nooooo!!!). I find it interesting that some of the Porch Fest locations are offering free keg (and other?) inticements. To those who dont and plan on allowing the music and community joy to be the only high, thank you.

    1. Thanks, Chris. You know, we were hoping that the up-by-yer-bootstraps, for-neighbors-by-neighbors nature of our quest would get the coveted Billingsley Seal. So thanks for the kind words.

      As for each host’s manner of hospitality, we’re largely neutral here at Porchfest HQ. So long as it’s reflective of a generous spirit and old-skool neighborliness, we’re thumbs up.

      Y’all come!

      1. Thanks OPF. TRY (the good fight is worth it) to keep it family friendly and you will never go wrong. Best of luck!
        PS- A shout out to Bill W. at Oakhurst Baptist for the free facilities. The good Lord works in mysterious ways.

  20. Be sure to check out some of the acts from Decatur High School. The Voice’s Sydney Rhame will be playing from 2-3. My rock and blues band, The Canarys will be playing from 3-4 on 189 Mead. The punk-surf band Brenno will be playing from 4-5, and on the same porch, the DIY garage blues band SCOFFLAW will be playing from 5-6. It’s going to be killer.

  21. There is going to be a lot of strum and twang at the Porchfest this weekend (and I am going to be contributing to it at 3:00 at 326 Adams Street with the Skylarks) but I would like to put in a plug for the Edgewood Saxophone Trio at 4:00 pm playing at 152 Greenwood Place. These guys are some of the ATL’s finest jazz saxophonists. As Charles Mingus put it: Better Get Hit In Your Soul, y’all.

  22. Bring your id’s if you want beer, at least on our street. Our street lawyer gave us a crash course in liability. So, we’ll be carding. We don’t want to accidentally serve underagelings.

  23. Had a great time at Porchfest, though I wish I could have seen/heard more! Next year, I want to go without the kiddos… maybe a babysitting fundraiser at the school or a local church would be in order?

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