Free-For-All Friday 10/16/15

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local topics not yet discussed here over the past week.

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    1. A friend stopped by a few nights ago and was told by a staffer that they were having financial problems and would likely be closing.

        1. Yep, about that. Never got traction or any comments. About as low key as could be. No wonder they closed; who knew they were open?

      1. I hope they find a way to stay open. We had an excellent meal there — the food and service were outstanding and the bill was reasonable. But there were only two other people in the restaurant when we arrived and they left not long after. The owner came to our table and was clearly hoping for word of mouth advertising, but that can take quite a while to be affective.

    2. Oh no, sorry to hear that! We were just there last Friday. While it wasn’t crowded, there was a decent number of tables filled. That building is on the most desolate stretch of Decatur and not really top-of-mind as a dining destination. I hope someone could find a good use for that huge rambling space.

  1. Cabinet re-facing- anyone have a good experience with a particular company? Any companies to stay away from?

    1. We used Home Depot and got a reasonable price and good quality work. I’ve heard they’re hit and miss at times depending on the individual contractor, but ours was very skilled and took great pride in his work. Can’t recognize the cabinets before and after.

  2. Anyone work with any local charities that need any sort of web development? I’m looking to do something for the good of the community and would like to offer my services if necessary.

    1. Start with Rupert Fike 404-723-2702. I had the same problems with my roof. He was reasonable and efficient (but do ask him to be sure to clean up debris).

  3. I just recently noticed identical Commerce Square parking/booting signs going up in the BOA parking lot. If that’s your last refuge of free parking, it’s time to go cold turkey.

    1. Of course, it’s their property, but that lot seems way too big for a branch bank, so I guess it will have lots of empty spots.
      BTW, does anyone have any recent word on when the private contractor will take over the County deck?

    2. My wife actually got booted a few days back, and she was parked in the outer B of A lot. They’re certainly within their rights to do that, but from a public relations perspective, changing policy without any warning and sticking folks with a $95 boot fee isn’t too smart. My wife felt particularly sorry for the woman that had just gotten back from the probation office. The probation officer had told her to park in that lot, and she didn’t have the cash to cover the boot.

      1. “The probation officer had told her to park in that lot”

        This is probably the exact reason they started booting. It isn’t a public parking lot.

      2. That stinks. Booting is so unfriendly–does Decatur really want the reputation as the city where you’ll get a boot on your car. I know the city isn’t doing it, but it does reflect on the city.

        I only park in the BOA lot when I am going to the bank, but sometimes I leave my car parked there while I go run another quick errand after banking. Would this lead to a boot? There are always so many empty spaces at BOA.

        1. Booting is certainly not unique to Decatur businesses. I wonder if you can suggest alternative ways for property owners to control usage of their facilities?

    3. “Unauthorized vehicles may be subject to the use of a mechanical locking device” signs also up at The Marlay.

  4. Anyone know what’s up with the Trinity Title bldg, on E Ponce across from Glenwood School? After the tree hit it, it seems to be vacant.

    1. I noticed that too, but there seems to be some kind of asbestos rabatement going on as well based on the posted signs.

  5. The Phoenix School in Oakhurst will be holding its annual Fall Recycling Event next Saturday October 17th from 8am until 2pm. We’ll be offering an opportunity to SAFELY recycle your old paint and new this year is our yard sale. Come shop for gently used kid’s items, home goods, men’s and women’s clothing, books, furniture, etc at GREAT prices.

    415 E. Lake Drive, Decatur GA 30030 (across from the dog park)
    Upper and lower parking lots

    We accept: Cash / Credit / Debit / Checks

    Information on paint recycling prices or details on what we’ll accept can be found here:

    All proceeds will benefit the Phoenix School and any unsold items will be donated to Hagar’s House, the Oakhurst Presbyterian clothing closet, and Second Chance Thrift.

      1. Francisco and Clara Perez are outstanding. They have been helping us 8 years, and are extremely reliable. Francisco’s cell number is 404-310-2261.

  6. Hi all,
    I have one Decatur Beer fest ticket to sell for forty five dollars. Anyone interested? email me at nateliao at gmail dot com. will be happy to either drop it off or email the ticket to you.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  7. The City’s Fall Electronics Recycling Day is Saturday, Oct. 31st from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Public Works on Tally. Rumor is candy will be given out to those who are dropping off their electronics – costumes may be involved as well. The full list of items that are accepted can be found on the City’s website (I’d link here but don’t think we can. Just go to the site and type in Electronics Recycling Day in the search box on the home page). They will take Styrofoam too and will also offer shredding. I have never waited more than about 5 mins to drop off so it is quick and easy.

  8. **Attention – Beer Festival Attendees**
    The Decatur Bulldog Boosters (DBB) will once again be selling hamburger, hot dogs & brauts at the festival tomorrow. The money raised tomorrow by the DBB goes towards Decatur High School and Renfroe Middle school sports. Stop by to purchase good eats and/or make a donation for a great cause. Thanks!

  9. Take a break from Porchfest to attend a forum on education issues for candidates for Decatur City Commission
    and CSD Board of Education positions. The forum is sponsored by Oakhurst Presbyterian Church (at the corner of Second and East Lake). It will be held at the church this Sunday, October 18, from 4-6 p.m.

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