Sydney Rhame Just Took the Last Open Slot in “The Voice” Blind Auditions

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Decatur’s Sydney Rhame just closed out the last episode of “The Voice” blind auditions by capturing the last open slot on Pharrell Williams’ team.

And if you happened to miss it, you can watch it below!!

Congrats Sydney!!

11 thoughts on “Sydney Rhame Just Took the Last Open Slot in “The Voice” Blind Auditions”

  1. We stayed up late to catch Sydney’s performance and it was awesome!. Can’t wait to see her next performance on the show.

    Way to go Sydney!!!!!

  2. You knew from all her local gigs that she was good, but I am impressed as to how good she was under this kind of pressure. Really a great showing. Well done, kiddo!

  3. They literally promoted it as “we have saved the best for last” and they DID! Sydney was, by far, the best last night!

  4. Saw her performance, which was great, especially for someone who’s only 16. She’s got some formidable competition, but I’ll be rooting for our hometown girl all the way!

  5. Beautiful voice, beautiful girl. She showed great poise and stage-presence. It was a fantastic performance and I’m sure if the other judges had room on their teams, they’d have turned around too (they actually DID turn around in an unofficial capacity). Great job!

  6. I’m not into this kind of TV competition but there’s a child at my house who is playing whatever she can find on her phone of Sydney over and over and over and over again. This seems to be a very positive event for CSD students.

  7. Being a former full-time musician for well over a decade, I’m super closed-minded and have a horrible attitude about music and other musicians and popular stuff and these competitions and just…everything.

    I was totally prepared to hate this, but I really loved it. She did great and deserves this. And her parents’ reaction was really sweet.

    Don’t tell anyone I said all this. I have an image to keep up.

  8. We’re rooting for you Sydney. Amazing voice at age 13 and now that you’re 16 – it’s even better. You’re going to the big time!

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