Where are Atlanta’s Jobs?

atlanta jobs map

We’ve sorted through a lot of different maps around here over the years.

Here’s a cool, new one based on the 2010 Census that maps every job in the United States as a colored dot.  The color-coding is as follows…

  • Manufacturing and Trade
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare, Education, and Government
  • Retail, Hospitality, and Other Services

Looking at the Atlanta metro through this lens is pretty interesting.  Decatur’s reliance on the green-colored healthcare, education and government jobs comes thru pretty clearly, with a hint of the blue “Professional Services” thrown in.  The DeKalb Medical and Emory pop out in green in Decatur’s surrounding area.

Downtown Atlanta and Midtown are a smattering of green, blue and yellow, while Buckhead is the clear leader powerhouse when it comes to Professional Services jobs.  Manufacturing is pretty light inside on the northside of the perimeter, but is definitely more prevalent on the westside of Atlanta than the eastside.

Also, here’s the map of the whole Atlanta metro area, which shows how dispersed Atlanta’s jobs are along its major interstates.

atlanta metro job

Take a look at the maps above (click to enlarge them) and play around with the full interactive map HERE and tell us what other interesting items you uncover!

7 thoughts on “Where are Atlanta’s Jobs?”

  1. Apparently all the website problems have scared away the commenters. That’s ok, I’ll just talk to myself.

    Charlotte job mapping is interesting in relation to Atlanta. Dense core and much more evenly dispersed outside that core.

    1. Of course cute little Charlotte has half as many jobs as does the Capital of the South. And is currently creating half the jobs as Atlanta. And only this year completed their “perimeter” highway. They had no need, or the infrastructure, to create “edge cities.” Which, may have been just as well for them.

      1. Right. I can’t recall if we discussed this directly, but I agree with your general criticisms regarding comparing Atlanta to Charlotte. Easier to grow off a smaller base and all that. I didn’t mean to suggest that that Charlotte – in this case – was any better than Atlanta. Just a different layout.

        Speaking of NC, check out Asheville if you have a second. Lots of yellow.

    2. My desktop page hasn’t been able to refresh in about a week and the mobile version seems to still be delayed in refreshing throughout the day. I am technology challenged, but did try clearing history, etc. Maybe it is just me though.

  2. Gov ment jobs. That’s the key. Steady check a comin. Don’t pat yourself too hard Decatur. Gov ment payroll been responsible for your success, not your brilliant leaders.

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