Suburban Lanes Bowling Alley Seats Up For Sale!

suburban lanes chairs

For all you lovers of Suburban Lanes, you can now purchase a piece of it for your home!  From Craigslist

Vintage bowling alley seats. Molded fiberglass/plastic with solid steel bases. These would be great for a small dining area, or would sell as the lot if you wanted the classic look and feel for that restaurant you’re planning to open when you retire. Singles ($20)or Doubles ($40). Other seats available including stackable metal/plastic, assorted others.

It’s the Yankee Stadium of Decatur!

Photo courtesy of Craigslist

5 thoughts on “Suburban Lanes Bowling Alley Seats Up For Sale!”

  1. I’m shocked that the future owners did not demand those chairs be included in the sale of the establishment. Shocked, I say.

  2. The comments on this thread are some of the funniest on DM in the last few weeks. Note: Perhaps we need a Best of DM thread sometime? Categories? Funniest, Most Irate, Stupidest, Most heartwarming, Best in All 4 Categories?

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