Twain’s Owners Buy Suburban Lanes

suburban lanes

From Twain’s website

Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards is happy to announce that we have acquired the former Suburban Lanes, and plan to reopen the space in the fall of 2015 after a much needed remodel in true Twain’s style. The bowling alley has been a longstanding fixture in Decatur and we look forward to carrying it into the next phase of its history as a funky bowling center that recreational bowlers and league enthusiasts will love.

Plans are to provide an entertaining and engaging atmosphere for all ages that includes a modern bowling experience and other social games for all skill levels and interests. We will offer a vibrant food and beverage program featuring craft beers, a full bar, hand tossed pizza, burgers and plates designed for sharing. As at Twain’s we will be committed to using locally sourced goods whenever it’s possible.

We are excited to be bringing the metro area a new and soon to be favorite place for hanging with friends and family, enjoying the camaraderie, with the great food and beers that you have come to expect from the folks at Twain’s. Come join us in the fall, see the changes, feel the excitement! We look forward to serving you in the fall!

45 thoughts on “Twain’s Owners Buy Suburban Lanes”

  1. This is huge– thanks so much Twain’s owners for making another key community investment. Can’t wait to spend time and money there!

  2. Will it be No Kids After 8 pm like at Twain’s? Please, dear God, make it no kids after 8!

  3. Good news. SL will need more renovation than the old paint store (Twains today) but best of luck on the effort.

    1. I hope not. If you need something better than Bud Select you should absolutely not be bowling.

  4. I give them six months.
    (Obligatory DM naysayer comment)

    It would be cool if they went really retro and hired pin boys.

    1. That sounds slightly salacious.

      But I, too, prefer to live in a town with bowling available. Thanks, Twain’s.

  5. great news! What is interesting about this move is that that it seems as though it will connect downtown Decatur with Suburban Plaza in a way that was simply not going to be possible with Wal Mart coming. It may also reduce the Wal Mart ire some have been so vocal about. It’s almost like an olive branch has been extended.

    1. There will always be a literal and figurative wall. Never the two shall meet!

      Team Twains!

      1. “Never the two shall meet!”

        Or, per Kipling, is it “Never the twain shall meet”? (in this case, the “twain” being craft beer drinking bowlers and Walmart customers).

        1. Surely you’re not anticipating that the longtime bowlers there– many who are likely longtime Walmart customers– are going to made to feel unwelcome? Because that would sure be uncool if it were to happen.

          1. Nah, just having some fun comparing colonialism and gentrification. But I would imagine that things will be somewhat more expensive at this new version, if that counts as making current patrons “made to feel unwelcome”.

            1. I figured you were just having fun. Unlike Irene who seems eager to divide into two camps.

              It’s very cool that the Twain’s folks have already reached out to the league bowlers. Maybe they’ll also contemplate offering a way to offset price hikes for the longtimers– like a league rewards card or something. Or at least have a few items that aren’t “inside the moat” prices.

  6. Count me in the good news camp, and hoping the Suburban Lanes folks are walking away satisfied with the deal. I’m sure this has been a difficult transition for them.

  7. I think this is awesome!
    I can already see the retro Decatur bowling shirts selling like hotcakes…. Must include name stitching!

    The dude abides…

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