Decatur #1 Suburb in Georgia According to City Ranking Website

I know many of you take issue with calling Decatur a “suburb” of Atlanta, but here ya go anyway!

Niche, a website that specializes in ranking cities, towns, schools, etc, has ranked Decatur the #1 suburb in the state for 2015.

Milton, Watkinsville, Johns Creek and Duluth round out the Top 5.  According to Niche, areas classified as cities and towns are excluded from the ranker.

You can check out Niche’s methodology for the ranking HERE.  The largest weighted items that determine the rank include, “Things to Do”, “Commute Time”, and Education.

Back in January, Niche ranked DHS one of the best high schools in the state.

Photo courtesy of the City of Decatur

4 thoughts on “Decatur #1 Suburb in Georgia According to City Ranking Website”

  1. When will we stop giving attention to these ridiculous sites that are seemingly designed to do nothing but garner clicks and pander to whoever they think might provide those clicks. Same freakin’ site published pretty much the same freakin’ survey but said “Towns” instead of “Suburbs” and Decatur is not even on the list.

    My suggestion is to quit giving voice to these folks.

    1. Ha…and then I go ahead and provide another link! Guess I should put my money where my typing fingers are!!

  2. Although Decatur was appropriately ranked #1 on this this obviously well done list. :), I can still complain! How in the world does Decatur get such a low rating for crime (a “C”) as compared to any of the other highly ranked cities/suburbs. Makes me question the whole shooting match.

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