UPDATED: Decatur Police Closing Scott Boulevard Tomorrow To Reconstruct Deadly Accident

scott boulevard

UPDATE: Lt. Ross clarifies that “accident reconstruction is “laser mapping of roadway evidence”.

Decatur Police Lt. Jennifer Ross sends along this alert…

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, Scott Boulevard will be closed between Clairemont Avenue and Coventry Road from 9:30 am to approximately 11:30 am for an accident reconstruction.

You can get more info on the deadly vehicle accident that occurred on Scott Boulevard on April 25th HERE.

19 thoughts on “UPDATED: Decatur Police Closing Scott Boulevard Tomorrow To Reconstruct Deadly Accident”

  1. “Lt. Ross clarifies that “accident reconstruction is ‘laser mapping of roadway evidence’.”

    Come on now, who else out there was thinking that they’d actually have an intentional 100 mph crash for the reconstruction?

    1. Reenactments are much more fun. I made popcorn for nothing. I have lasers at home that are more entertaining than this mapping of a street. Hell, they don’t even have cats chasing the stupid lasers.

  2. I haven’t seen any more information on how the driver ended up in a rental car that he was not legally able to rent himself. Did someone rent it for him, did the rental agency look the other way, or did he falsify his age?

    Also, how is the little girl doing?

    1. I imagine the answers to your first line of questions will be answered in the inevitable civil suit, assuming the defendants aren’t able to quietly settle.

        1. While none of us have seen the rental car agreement, it is quite possible that a driver of this age is a breach of contract.

          I am not a lawyer, but I believe breach of contract is a civil matter.

          The police/DA have much bigger things to worry about, but you can bet the rental car company will file something (or settle with the driver’s insurance — if it even covers an unauthorized driver on a rental car?)

    2. Kori O’Brien, the little girl who was in the car, is now breathing on her own and responding to doctors and family. She has a long recovery ahead of her, but the prognosis seems to be positive.

      Her older sister, who was not in the car, has now returned to school.

    3. I believe major rental car companies still commonly rent replacement vehicles to insured drivers age 18 and above for use when a driver’s primary vehicle is being repaired, so it is within the realm of possibility that the car was legally rented/driven.

  3. Wouldn’t think so, but I am not a criminal lawyer. The rental companies have policies against renting cars to younger adults, and I don’t know of any criminal law that prohibits renting a car to a licensed, insured adult despite his/her age.

    1. As Robert also points out, the car rental issue is a civil matter and we may or may not know the ultimate outcome, depending on whether it goes to trial.

      1. Once a suit is filed, there should be some publicly available documentation even if it gets dismissed without a trial. The amount of any settlement may not be recorded, but the parties involved will all be named. I’m at the courthouse checking suits several times a week and will keep an eye out.

  4. Wish I had seen this earlier. It was crazy getting to and from the Y from my house this morning.

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